10 Signs You Need A Kitchen Pantry Makeover ASAP

Having a well organized pantry is at the hub of your inspiration to cook and make delicious healthy meals. Being inspired in the space we create sustenance for ourselves or for others is essential to our health and well being, and helps stimulate the desire …

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Custom Entertainment Centers

With 115.6 million television sets in the United States, chances are great that you have at least one in your house. In addition to your TV, you may also have a DVD player, BluRay, a stereo system, an XBox, a Wii, and a host of …

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Garage Cabinets

This customer was so happy with the garage cabinets we installed last month that she had us do the rest of the wall yesterday!

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Designing The Ideal Man Closet In Seattle, WA

You have all heard of the ‘Man Cave’. But did you know there is also such a thing as a ‘Man Closet’? There is so much attention being given to closets for women that men can often be left out as an afterthought when it …

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Do You Want Some Luxury in Your Closet

For many of us, our closets are strictly utilitarian: The clothing gets hung up, taken down, worn, washed, and hung up again. If a closet is functioning well, nothing gets lost or damaged, and things are not slipping off of the hangers onto the floor. …

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Essentials for Your Summer Wardrobe

The days have been heating up, and if you haven’t already done so, you’re probably noticing the need to go through your closet and spruce up your summer wardrobe. While not everyone can afford to buy dozens of new outfits to get through the summer …

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Feng Shui Decluttering in Your Closet

Feng shui is an ancient Eastern art that has to do with the flow and energy in your home. It is increasingly popular among homeowners in America, because it lends a clean, pleasant appearance to the entire house. If you practice feng shui, you’ll find …

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Finding Inspiration in Your Closet

According to Erin Gates, home interior designer as well as the founder and editor of a popular blog called Elements of Style, one new trend is to choose home decor items based on the items that the homeowner has hanging in his or her closet. The …

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Finding the Perfect Spot for the Christmas Tree

You have trekked out to the tree farm and picked out the perfect Christmas tree, or maybe you’ve dragged the box containing your tree down from the attic. If you’ve moved, or if you’ve simply moved furniture, since last year, you might be in a …

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Five Need-to-Know Tips for Mastering Home Organization

Mastering home organization might sound like a job for the world’s best organizers, such as Marie Kondo or The Home Edit. However, home organization is attainable for anyone, including you. It just takes a little time and planning, and with these five need-to-know tips, you’ll turn your disorganized …

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