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Laundry rooms need to be organized and easy to navigate. They must promote efficiency and most importantly, offer a lot of storage space. Open shelves are one of the most popular storage solutions for laundry rooms, but cabinets will bring several other benefits that many of our clients here in Washington State love.

With Creative Closets, we aim to give homeowners around here a perfect solution that makes their homes more organized and minimizes their maintenance chores.

The Best Laundry Room Cabinets

Check out these beautiful cabinets and see which one you like more. We’ll build you the exact cabinet so you can get your dream laundry room!

Cost Of Laundry Rooms Cabinets

As we mentioned earlier, a lot of homeowners prefer open shelving storage for their laundry rooms, but these might not always be ideal. For example, maybe you want to keep the towels in an eclosed space so they don’t collect dust, or maybe you just want to hide the bed sheets out of sight.

While open shelving will cost between $20 to $30 per linear foot, the cheapest stock cabinets on the market are somewhere between $100 to $300 per linear foot. If you have the budget, cabinets are a lot better.

Type of Storage Average Cost (Installed)
Shelving $18 - $26/linear foot
Drying Rack $20 - $150
Stock Cabinet $100 - $300/linear foot
Closet $135 - $300/linear foot
Wall Organizer $150 - $1,500
Cabinet with a Sink $300 - $500
Cubby $300 - $500/per cubby
Custom Cabinet $500 - $1,500/linear foot

Best Material For Laundry Cabinets ​

The choice of materials for laundry room cabinets depends on various factors, including style preferences, budget, and practical considerations such as durability and resistance to moisture. Here are three commonly used materials for laundry room cabinets:

Melamine for Laundry Cabinets

Melamine is an affordable and durable material often used for laundry room cabinets. It is made by applying a decorative paper layer onto a core panel, usually made of particleboard or MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). Melamine cabinets are resistant to moisture, easy to clean, and available in a variety of finishes and styles.

Keep in mind: While melamine is water-resistant, prolonged exposure to excessive moisture can cause damage over time. It is essential to address any leaks or spills promptly to maintain the longevity of melamine cabinets.

Plywood for Laundry Cabinets

Plywood is a versatile and sturdy option for laundry room cabinets. It is made by layering thin sheets of wood veneer, with each layer perpendicular to the previous one, creating a strong and stable structure. Plywood cabinets are known for their durability and resistance to warping, making them a reliable choice for areas with fluctuating humidity levels.

Keep in mind: Plywood tends to be more expensive than some other materials, but its durability and long lifespan can justify the cost. It is available in various grades, and higher grades often indicate better quality and fewer imperfections.

Laminate Material for Cabinets

Laminate cabinets are made by fusing layers of paper or fabric with resin onto a composite wood core. Laminate is highly durable, scratch-resistant, and comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. It is easy to clean and offers a sleek, modern look for laundry room cabinets.

Keep in mind: While laminate is resistant to moisture, it’s essential to ensure that seams and edges are properly sealed to prevent water infiltration. High-quality laminate cabinets can be more expensive, but they often provide a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Laundry Room Cabinets Creative Closets

Why Work With A Cabinet Designer

Working with a closet designer can offer numerous advantages, especially when it comes to optimizing space, functionality, and aesthetics. Here are three benefits of collaborating with a closet designer:

Closet designers have expertise in maximizing space efficiently. They can analyze the available space and create a customized layout that utilizes every inch effectively. This includes designing storage solutions, shelving, drawers, and hanging spaces that cater to your specific needs and the items you need to store.

Closet designers can recommend and implement storage solutions that enhance organization. This may include pull-out shelves, built-in drawers, adjustable shelving, and other features that make it easy to categorize and access your belongings. The result is a more functional and organized closet space.

Closet designers are knowledgeable about current design trends, materials, and finishes. They can help you choose a design that complements the overall aesthetic of your home and reflects your style. This ensures that your closet not only functions well but also enhances the visual appeal of the space.

Here at Creative Closets, we’ll build you the perfect laundry cabinets. Your vision will become reality and you’ll enjoy a highly efficient and beautiful laundry room, where storage space will never be an issue. We’ll maximize your space and make every inch count!

FAQs About MDF Cabinets In Maple Valley, WA

The best materials for laundry room cabinets depend on factors such as budget, style preferences, and practical considerations. Common materials include melamine, plywood, laminate, and solid wood. Melamine is budget-friendly and moisture-resistant, while plywood offers durability. Laminate provides a sleek look, and solid wood adds a natural, high-end appeal.

To maximize storage space, consider customizing the interior of the cabinets with features like adjustable shelves, pull-out baskets, and built-in hampers. Utilize vertical space by installing tall cabinets or adding shelving above appliances. Additionally, choose cabinets with deep drawers and consider incorporating hanging rods for air-drying clothes or storing cleaning supplies.

Custom-designed laundry cabinets offer tailored solutions to meet specific needs. A designer can optimize the layout, create efficient storage solutions, and incorporate personalized features. Custom cabinets can enhance organization, provide a cohesive look, and address unique challenges in the laundry room.

The choice of cabinet style depends on your design preferences and the overall aesthetic of your home. Consider factors like color, door style, and hardware. Shaker-style cabinets are versatile and timeless, while modern or minimalist styles may feature sleek, handle-less doors. Choose a style that complements your home’s decor and reflects your personal taste.

When installing cabinets above appliances, ensure there is sufficient clearance for loading and unloading machines. Allow space for ventilation to prevent overheating, especially for dryers. Consider installing cabinets with doors that open upward or choose sliding doors to maximize accessibility. Additionally, verify the weight-bearing capacity of the wall to support the cabinets securely.

Get The Best Custom Laundry Cabinets In WA

We’ve built and installed hundreds of cabinets for homeowners all over Washington State. Reach-in closets, walk-in closets, garage cabinets, and laundry cabinets are all specialties of ours, and we always deliver a spectacular product because we love what we do.

With Creative Closets, you’re ensured a smooth and seamless process that gets you the best laundry cabinets you could’ve ever gotten. You, your family, time, and money will remain our top priority, as you’ll enjoy a quick, 1 day installation on all of our closet systems, including your new laundry cabinets!

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