Wall Storage Ideas for My Garage

Wall Storage Ideas for My Garage

Having a custom garage means that it should be neatly organized and aesthetically pleasing in every way. In order for this to happen, the wall space must be utilized in the most efficient manner possible.

Take a look at the following handy ways to accomplish this goal:

  1. Hang it on Slatwall storage racks
  2. Utilize tall storage towers
  3. Opt for overhead storage
  4. Hide inside cabinets
  5. Organize using toy storage cubbies
  6. Store in a tool chest
  7. Let it hang on magnetic strips

Read on to learn how to make your garage walls look neat and professionally organized!

1. Hang on Slatwall Racks

Installing a Slatwall rack(s) is one of the smartest decisions you can make to utilize wall space. There are so many different ways you can go about using this piece of equipment. From affixing hooks and wire storage baskets, the sky’s the limit. Hang brooms, rakes, tools, lawn chairs, bicycles, or whatever suits your fancy.

Slatwall Garage Organizers

2. Utilize Tall Storage Towers

When it comes to storing items efficiently in your garage, think vertical. Build or invest in some tall and narrow storage towers that are wide enough to hold a collection of large, plastic bins.

Housing your bins within a tower is a better idea than simply stacking them on top of one another. This way, you can easily slide each bin out of its corresponding compartment without having to move everything out of the way.

Because the storage towers are tall and narrow, they take up very little floor or wall space. Family Handyman.com takes this idea a step further by attaching hooks to the sides of the towers where items such as rakes, water hoses and the like can be hung. 

3. Opt for Overhead Storage

One of the most overlooked places for garage storage can be found by looking upward. The ceiling is an excellent place for keeping items that don’t get used on a regular basis. Home Depot.com recommends mounting a hefty wire storage rack to the ceiling of your garage. Within it, you can house practically anything. Use it to hold your Christmas tree and decorations, luggage, and so much more! 

4. Hide Inside Cabinets

Whether you decide to have a lot or just a few, garage cabinets are a great way to hide smaller items that would otherwise look like clutter if they were left sitting out. Some cabinets have a locking mechanism, which makes them ideal for storing chemicals & other dangerous items. For the ultimate convenience, mount your cabinets to the wall & open up additional floor space.

Slatwall Garage Organizers

5. Organize Using Toy Storage Cubbies

If you have children, your garage is likely to need a place to keep all of the various outdoor toys and sporting goods that find their way there. It is often difficult to make kids put away their toys when they are done playing with them. Perhaps the quickest and easiest way to ensure this task is done correctly is with storage cubbies. All they need to do is throw the toys into the cubbies & done! If you’re short on space, research purchasing wall-mounted cubbies. Yes, they do exist!

6. Store in a Tool Chest

Sure, you could leave your tools in plain view, but wouldn’t your garage look cleaner if you kept them neatly filed away in a tool chest? No matter how many tools you have, there is an appropriate size chest that can be used to nicely organize your collection & even some that can be mounted to the wall!

7. Let It Hang on Magnetic Strips

HGTV.com offers up a great idea for keeping random bits and pieces in order. Hanging magnetic strips on metal shelving or on available wall space is a great way to keep small items organized and ready to use. Use them to hang anything & everything you want to keep handy, including scissors, paintbrushes, box cutters, and the like. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to superior garage wall storage, Slatwall racks rise above the rest. With that being said, utilizing overhead space is key to maximizing floor space as well. Remember, while you are doing your garage organization project, be mindful of anything you can part with. The less you have to store away, the better your garage will look.