Maximizing Closet Space With Wall Mounted Closet Systems

Closet chaos got you feeling overwhelmed? You’re not alone. In fact, closet organization is a common issue for many homeowners due to limited space. 

This article offers unique and effective tips on how to maximize your storage space with wall-mounted closet systems.

Uncover practical, stylish ways to transform your cluttered wardrobe into an organized oasis that even Marie Kondo would be proud of!

Wall Mounted Closet System Installed In Maple Valley

Key Takeaways

Tips for Maximizing Closet Space

Decluttering your wardrobe is a crucial first step in maximizing closet space. Choose the right closet system that fits your needs and available room. Don’t overlook wall spaces; wall-mounted closet systems can significantly increase storage without taking up floor area.

Make sure to use the top of the closet system for storing rarely used or seasonal items neatly. Add finishing touches such as adjustable shelves, shoe racks, and open wardrobes to create a functional yet stylish storage solution.

Declutter Your Wardrobe

Clearing out unneeded items is the first step toward maximizing your closet space. Follow these tips to declutter your wardrobe:

Wardrobe Declutter Before and After

Choose a Closet System

Selecting the right closet system can drastically increase your storage space and make organization a breeze. Consider factors like the size of your wardrobe, the types of items you store, and even how frequently you access certain pieces.

Closet systems are available in an array of styles, materials, and sizes – all designed to serve different needs and match specific styles.

Wall-mounted closet systems offer numerous advantages over traditional setups. They keep your floor clear, creating more room for movement or additional storage like shoe racks. By choosing adjustable shelves within wall-mounted units, customization becomes easy, ideal for both small accessories and bulky clothes alike.

Plus, they’re easily accessible while maintaining a tidy appearance!

Utilize Wall Space

Making the most of your wall space can transform an overcrowded closet into a well-organized storage system. Here’s how:
  1. Install Wall-Mounted Closet Systems: These easy-to-install systems maximize storage space and keep clothes and accessories easily accessible. They come in different sizes to fit any wall.
  2. Add Adjustable Shelves: Offer flexibility and allow you to tailor your storage to fit items of varying sizes. These shelving units also provide extra room for storing shoes, bags, and bins.
  3. Use Hooks: For added functionality, install hooks on the wall or on the inside of closet doors. They’re perfect for hanging bags, jackets, belts, or scarves.
  4. Consider Open Wardrobe Options: An open wardrobe concept allows you to visually check your entire collection at a glance while keeping everything tidy and stylish.
  5. Utilize Vertical Shoe Racks: Wall-mounted shoe racks free up floor space, making room for additional storage bins or more shoes!
  6. Incorporate Hanging Rods: A double hang rod doubles your hanging space instantly – great for shirts, blouses, and other short items.
  7. Install a Pegboard: Perfect for accessories like jewelry and sunglasses; it also adds style to your closet space.
  8. Make Room for Storage Bins: Small shelves or hooks can hold bins that store socks, linens, and other smaller items neatly.

Use the Top of the Closet System

Maximizing storage space involves clever use of every inch, including the top of your closet system. This often overlooked area offers plenty of potential for storing infrequently used items like luggage or seasonal bedding.

Install shelving units to keep items organized and easily accessible but out of sight from daily view. Ensure materials used for closets are sturdy, such as wood or metal, to hold heavier objects safely.

Store lighter items in bins or baskets that can be slid off effortlessly when you need them. Arrange your belongings neatly and label boxes for easy identification later on. Utilizing the top space not only keeps possessions tidy but also gives a sense of structure to the room’s overall design layout.

Incorporate Finishing Touches

Investing in the final details can truly enhance your closet space. Attractive storage containers or baskets for shelves and high-quality hangers not only keep everything accessible but also contribute to a tidy appearance.

Use labels to easily identify items stored out of sight, like seasonal clothes or linens. Don’t ignore lighting as it plays a crucial part; consider installing adjustable lights that illuminate every corner of your closet, helping you find items effortlessly.

Opt for a fresh color scheme that suits your taste and complements other bedrooms’ design elements. Incorporating finishing touches ensures both practicality and style in your wall-mounted closet system.

Empty Wall Mounted Closet System

Creative Organization Ideas

Discover innovative ways to organize your closet, such as separating folded items for easy access or investing in under-the-bed bins for additional storage. Efficiently store shoes by employing racks and shelves that can fit into closet corner.

Don’t overlook accessories – plan a specific spot for them to avoid mess and tangling. Implement double hang rods to maximize vertical space, allowing you to accommodate more clothing items in your closet system.

Separate Folded Items

Managing your folded items effectively frees up more closet space. Here’s how to do it:

Efficiently Store Shoes

Mastering shoe storage can transform your closet from a chaotic mess to an organized haven. Here are some ideas to help you store your shoes efficiently:
  • Utilize Wall Mounted Shoe Racks: Installing these in your closet creates more room and keeps all your footwear easily accessible. Plus, they’re easy to assemble.
  • Explore Different Styles: From stackable drawer units for smaller spaces to full-size shelving units for larger closets, there’s a shoe storage system designed to fit your unique needs.
  • Consider the Material: Materials such as wood or metal make durable and stylish shoe racks.
  • Use Adjustable Shelves: These allow you to customize how you store different sizes of shoes, from flats to boots.
  • Put Them on Display: Open wardrobe styles with shelves keep shoes in sight, so it’s easy to find the perfect pair for any outfit.
  • Store Out-of-Season Footwear Under the Bed: Bins specially designed for under-the-bed storage provide an out-of-sight option for those shoes you won’t need until next season.
  • Use Closet Floor Space: This area is often overlooked, but can house several pairs of shoes if combined with a low-profile shelf or rack.
Shoe Racks Storage Close Up

Plan For Accessories ​

Organizing your accessories can add a significant touch to maximizing closet space. Here’s how:
  • Use closet organizers: These tools can hold numerous items, everything from belts to scarves.
  • Install hooks on the wall: This allows you to hang items such as hats or jewelry easily.
  • Opt for adjustable shelves: Perfect for storing bags and larger items, these units provide flexibility.
  • Wall-mounted: A well-designed storage system lets you efficiently store multiple accessories.
  • Wall-mounted shelving units: They make the best use of vertical storage space while keeping your items in sight.
  • Store shoes in shoe racks: Proper shoe storage saves floor room and keeps pairs together.
  • Consider a drawer for socks and underwear: Drawers keep these items neatly organized and fresh.

Utilize Under-the-Bed Bins

Maximizing your closet space involves making use of every nook and cranny, including the often-overlooked area under your bed.

  • Find sturdy bins that fit snugly under the bed frame.
  • Choose clear bins to easily see what’s inside, or label opaque ones for easy identification.
  • Use these bins to store off-season clothes and accessories.
  • Larger items like boots and heavy winter jackets fit well in these spaces.
  • Bins with wheels facilitate easy access to items stored at the back.
  • Ensure the bins are sealed properly to protect your items from dust and pests.
  • Under-the-bed storage also works well for linens, spare pillows, and blankets.

Add a Double Hang Rod

Adding a double hang rod to your closet system gives you twice the hanging space for clothes. This practical solution lets you store suits, jackets, and other long items on the top bar while using the lower one for shorter pieces like shirts and blouses.

Easy to install, these rods are perfect for maximizing storage space in your wall-mounted closet systems. With adjustable shelves and various sizes available, they provide a versatile way to keep your wardrobe tidy, organized, and easily accessible.

Stylish and Functional Design Ideas

Incorporate decorative elements into the wall space and shelves to enhance aesthetic appeal. Choose a metal grid for hanging items to add an industrial touch to your closet. Opt for shallow drawers; they allow easier access and better visibility of stored items.

Utilize drawer inserts for smaller clothing pieces, allowing a clean, organized appearance. Don’t forget about handbags; create specific spots within your storage system to keep them in good shape and easy to find.

Add Decor to Wall Space and Shelves

Adding decor to your wall space and shelves transforms your closet area from merely functional to stylishly inviting. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Hang small artwork or photographs on the wall space above your shelving units to personalize the area.
  • Place decorative baskets or bins on shelves for storing accessories.
  • Use chic boxes or containers to hold smaller items and add a pop of color.
  • Opt for beautiful, matching hangers to give your wardrobe a cohesive look.
  • If there’s room, include a small vase of fresh flowers or a potted plant for an organic touch.
  • Consider adding decorative lighting fixtures, like string lights, on higher shelves for additional illumination and ambiance.
  • Use shelf dividers with interesting designs to organize clothes and add visual appeal.

Incorporate Metal Grid for Hanging Items

Creating a practical and stylish closet organization system often involves thinking outside the box. One creative solution is to incorporate a metal grid for hanging items. Here’s how you can do it:
  • Choose a suitable size: Metal grids come in various sizes, so pick one that fits your wall space.
  • Decide on the location: Ensure that it’s within easy reach but doesn’t obstruct other storage areas.
  • Install hooks: This will allow you to hang scarves, hats, jewelry and other accessories with ease.
  • Use S-hooks for extra space: You can hang multiple items on one hook.
  • Consider color coordination: Go for a grid color that complements your room decor.
  • Mix and match: Hang both frequently used and decorative items on the grid for a perfect blend of style and functionality.
  • Seek professional installation if needed: If you’re not confident about installing the grid yourself, get help from an expert to ensure secure fixing.
  • Add personal touches: Decorate the wall around your grid with photos or artwork to make your closet area more appealing.

Opt for Shallow Drawers

Shallow drawers can significantly improve your closet organization. These are especially ideal for small items such as socks, ties, or underwear that can get lost in deeper drawers.

Shallow drawers keep everything easily visible and within reach. You could even utilize drawer organizers in these shallow spaces to further categorize the contents. This way, finding a specific item becomes a breeze without digging through piles of clothes! Opting for this type of storage ensures an efficient use of space and gives your closet a well-organized appearance.

Use Drawers and Inserts

Maximizing closet space can be as simple as incorporating drawers and inserts into your closet system. Here are some tips to consider:
  • Invest in a variety of drawer sizes: Large drawers can house folded clothes, while smaller ones are perfect for accessories.
  • Choose clear drawer inserts: They allow you to easily see what’s inside each drawer without needing to rummage through.
  • Insert dividers into your drawers: They help keep items neatly separated and easy to find.
  • Use fabric bins for loose items: These are great for storing socks, underwear, or ties in a neat and organized manner.
  • Place shelves above the drawers: It offers additional storage space for boxes, shoes, or bags.

Find a Home for Each Handbag

Organizing your handbags can help you maximize the storage capacity of your wall-mounted, closet systems. Here are some suggestions that might help:
  • Use Adjustable Shelves: Install adjustable shelves in your closet system to accommodate bags of various sizes. Organize them by size, type, or color for easy identification.
  • Consider a Purse Bungee: This unique organizer holds bags vertically, saving room on your closet floor or shelves.
  • Try Closet Dividers: Store smaller clutches and wallets using closet dividers. They keep small items visible and accessible.
  • Opt for Hooks: Heavy-duty hooks can hold larger bags or backpacks on the wall or door, freeing up valuable space on shelves and drawers.
  • Upgrade to a Specialized Organizer: Some wall-mounted organizers come designed specifically for storing handbags, with shaped pockets and compartments to protect and display handbags perfectly.
  • Incorporate a Display Shelf: If you have designer handbags that deserve showcasing, consider adding a display shelf to your wall-mounted closet system.

Wall-Mounted Closet Systems FAQs

Yes, hanging closet organizers are definitely worth it. They provide a practical solution to maximize your storage capacity. Being vertical, they take up less floor space while offering ample room for different items.

Most designs feature multiple compartments, allowing you to sort and store varius types of clothing and accessories. This makes locating a particular item much easier.

Moreover, they are fairly easy to install and can be moved or adjusted according to your storage needs. In conclusion, hanging closet organizers are a valuable addition to any closet system, enhancing accessibility and efficiency of storage.

A floor-mounted closet system is built from the floor up. It’s sturdy and offers a built-in appearance, resembling a traditional closet. This type often provides more storage space and tends to be more expensive.

On the other hand, a wall-mounted closet system, also known as a “floating” closet system, is secured to the wall. This option keeps the floor clear, making cleaning easier. It’s typically less expensive and offers a contemporary, sleek look. Despite this, it may offer less storage capacity compared to a floor-mounted system.

When choosing between the two, consider your budget, storage needs, and aesthetic preference.

The best material for closet walls is largely dependent on personal preference, but often, many people opt for melamine. This engineered wood product is both cost-effective and durable.

Melamine’s surface is resistant to moisture and scratches, making it an ideal choice for closet interiors. It’s available in a variety of finishes, allowing you to match it with your décor.

Alternatively, solid wood is a high-end option offering durability and aesthetics. It’s more expensive but has a premium, timeless appeal.

A closet systemis unquestionably worth it for efficient clothes storage. It allows for the organization of items in a manner that optimizes space and makes locating things easier.

Closet shelves, in particular, offer a myriad of options for storing various items, from clothes to accessories. They promote a clutter-free environment and improve the overall aesthetic of your closet.

So, if you value an organized, visually appealing space that simplifies your dressing routine, investing in a closet system is a wise decision. It might require an upfront investment, but the convenience and orderliness it brings are priceless.

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