Upgrade Your Closet With 10 Tips for Luxury Closet Organization

Upgrade Your Closet with 10 Tips for Luxury Closet Organization

An upgraded closet in the primary bedroom is something that most people want. But, even a big closet can quickly become a disorganized mess. If you have a great walk-in closet, it’s easy to create a luxurious space that you enjoy using. 

Here are 10 simple tips for luxury closet organization:

  • Consider Your Personal Style
  • Find Your Inspiration
  • Invest in Closet Drawer Organizers
  • Add a Mirror and Plush Chair for Primping in a Boutique Style Closet
  • Create a Shoe Display
  • Get Colored Coordinated
  • Invest in Premium Hanging Rods
  • Custom Cabinets and Shelves Turn a Regular Walk-In Closet into an Organized Masterpiece
  • Consider Natural Lighting
  • Your Luxury Closet is an Asset in Many Ways

Continue reading to learn more about how to upgrade your closets so they’re both luxurious and organized.

Make Closet Updates in Your Personal Style

There are no hard rules when it comes to upgrading a basic walk-in closet into a luxurious and organized space. However, your own personal style should definitely come into play. Think about what you like and your personal taste. Taking the time to assess your personal style and develop a plan in advance will help ensure that your luxury closet upgrade is a reflection of you.

Find Your Inspiration

After assessing your personal style and thinking about the design elements you would like in your closet, it’s time to get inspired! Spend an ample amount of time looking at online galleries and home remodeling magazines. Seeing photographs of upgraded luxury closets will help you visualize what you want in your own closet.

Save any images you love. If you decide to work with a closet design company, it will be easy for you and your designer to be on the same page. You’ll be able to show him or her exactly what you want and need.

Custom Closet System

Invest in Closet Drawer Organizers

One of the best accessories you can add to your closet is drawer organizers. Drawer organizers make it incredibly easy to keep all of your things organized and easy to find. They come in handy for smaller items, such as accessories, jewelry, belts, and others that can be hard to keep track of in one large drawer.

You can also use drawer organizers for storing clothing that don’t need to be hung up. Vertical organizers can separate socks from undergarments or sleepwear. Moving forward, putting your clothes away will be a breeze!

Add A Mirror and Plush Chair for Primping in A Boutique Style Closet

If you want a truly luxurious closet, think about creating a space that has a look and feel similar to a high-end boutique. A plush chair will provide a comfortable space to sit while you decide what to wear, and a full-length mirror will allow you to see each outfit before deciding on the best choice.

Create A Shoe Display

Adding a shoe display is a very smart move when upgrading a walk-in closet. A well-designed shoe display will keep all of your footwear off the floor, easy to locate, and further ensure that your closet stays neat at all times. You can opt to organize them by season or occasion. Shoes that are properly stored and displayed are also more likely to last longer than those left on the floor.


Get Color Coordinated

Your closet doesn’t have to be boring and stark– don’t be afraid to add a splash of color. Upgrading your closet presents the perfect opportunity to incorporate some of your favorite colors into the space. Some people opt for colors that complement their bedroom, while others use colors not found elsewhere in the house.

Invest in Premium Hanging Rods

When planning a closet upgrade, you may not spend much time thinking about hanging bars. But, investing in premium hanging rods is a wise choice. They’ll be able to hold a greater amount of weight without the risk of falling. You can also count on them lasting much longer than their inexpensive counterparts.

Custom Cabinets and Shelves Turn A Regular Walk-In Closet into An Organized Masterpiece

Adding custom cabinets and shelves is key when you want an upgraded closet that is both luxe and extremely organized. Cabinets and shelves add much-needed storage, helping to permanently eliminate clutter.

Again, should you work alongside a designer, they would help you determine what types of shelves and cabinets to add to your space. The overall layout will depend on the size of your walk-in closet, as well as your personal needs for storage.

Custom Closet System

Consider Natural Lighting

If you’re going to be dressing and trying on outfits in your closet, proper lighting is key. The proper lighting will give you an accurate picture of how you look. Natural lighting is ideal. If your closet is located along an exterior wall, consider having one or two windows added so light can flow in.

When you can’t bring natural light in, consider adding recessed lighting or have one or two wall sconces installed. Avoid using any type of fluorescent lighting.

Your Luxury Walk-In Closet is An Asset in Many Ways

Making home improvements, including closet renovations, is always a wise investment. According to House Logic, you can expect a 53% rate of return on any funds spent on upgrading your closets.

Upgraded closets also bring joy to homeowners. A custom luxury closet is beautiful to look at, makes staying organized a breeze, and adds value to your home.


There is no reason to live with a bland walk-in closet that lacks organization and storage space. By making an investment in the space, it is possible to upgrade your closet to one that is both luxurious and organized.