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Elevate your home environment with our expertly installed, custom wardrobe closets in Sammamish, WA! !

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Envision a closet where every outfit is meticulously arranged, accessible at a glance, and tailored to fit not just your space, but your lifestyle. With a custom-designed wardrobe closet, finding the perfect look for any occasion becomes a breeze! Let’s make your daily routine a smooth affair, where every piece of clothing has its place, making getting ready a joy rather than a chore.

Boasting decades of experience and a portfolio of countless closets, Creative Closets stands as your premier partner in bringing your dream closet to life. We promise swift installation within a day and a lifetime warranty on our products and craftsmanship, ensuring your envisioned closet becomes a tangible part of your home.

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Yewande Marquis


I found Creative Closets on Thumbtack and from the onset, they were very responsive. I worked with the lead designer, Jerry who was highly professional and very patient with me walking me through different designs until we landed on a final design I felt comfortable with that was also within my budget. Caleb, the installer, was very thorough and responsive. I love my new closet and will be recommending this business to anyone in need of a custom closet

Embrace Tailored Elegance and Organization

Our in-house consultation offers a unique opportunity to visualize your ideas through immediate 3D designs, ensuring a transformation that resonates with your lifestyle and design preferences.

Enjoy the sophistication of custom organization with Creative Closets:

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Begin your journey to a carefully organized wardrobe by reaching out to us at (425) 428-5073!

Functional Features of Wardrobe Closets in Sammamish, WA

Our wardrobe closets are meticulously crafted to optimize storage and simplify your daily life. Let’s delve into the distinctive features that distinguish our closets:

Divided Drawers

These compartments facilitate the orderly organization of your clothing, making it effortless to locate your favorite garments. Ideal for those who value order and efficiency.

Sliding Ironing Boards

Cleverly concealed when not in use, these boards save precious space while ensuring your clothes remain impeccably wrinkle-free.

Jewelry Drawer Inserts

Bid farewell to tangled necklaces and misplaced earrings. These inserts keep your valuable accessories safe, systematically arranged, and always within reach.

Pull-Out Pants Tracks

Maintain your trousers in impeccable condition while ensuring easy accessibility.

Tie and Belt Racks

Preserve the tidy arrangement of your ties and belts, especially during busy mornings.

Slide-Out Mirrors

Perfect for swift outfit assessments, these mirrors serve a practical purpose while conserving space in your room.

Interior Lighting

Elevate visibility within your closet, adding a touch of luxury to the space.

Shoe Organizers

Keep your footwear collection immaculately organized.

Storage Boxes

Ideal for stashing away out-of-season clothing or infrequently used items, optimizing your closet’s space effectively.

Valet Rods

These rods offer supplementary hanging space and prove invaluable when planning your daily ensembles.

Slide-Out Tie and Belt Racks

Similar to standard racks, these provide easy accessibility and convenience.

Adjustable Shelves

Personalize your closet space to adapt to your evolving needs.

These thoughtfully designed features are aimed at enhancing your closet’s functionality, making your daily routines more efficient and organized.

reorganize your storage space as needed

Transform Your Space: Hear From Our Delighted Customers

Explore our customer reviews to witness how we’ve transformed spaces, much like yours, into impeccably organized closets. Let our customer testimonials serve as a source of inspiration for your ideal wardrobe closet solution in Sammamish, WA!

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Nicole Kuro


The assemblers were courteous and professional, they were neat, and did a great job assembling cabinets in my living room. They answered all my questions also. The quality of the material is also better than the usual offerings at other places.

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Manoj SureshKumar


Amazing experience from start to finish! The cost was very reasonable and the quality of the cabinets/work was exemplary. Jordan was very efficient with installation. If you are looking to get a custom closet installation done, don’t waste your time comparing various companies…just go with Creative Closets.

Wardrobe Closet Costs In Sammamish, WA

Feature Average Cost in Renton, WA
Divided Drawers $200 - $400
Sliding Ironing Boards $150 - $300
Jewelry Drawer Inserts $100 - $200
Pull-Out Pants Tracks $150 - $250
Tie and Belt Racks $50 - $100
Slide-Out Mirrors $100 - $200
Interior Lighting $200 - $400
Shoe Organizers $150 - $300
Storage Boxes $100 - $200
Valet Rods $50 - $100
Slide-Out Tie and Belt Racks $75 - $150
Adjustable Shelves $100 - $200

Every closet we design at Creative Closets is tailor-made for the homeowner. For a more accurate quote, call us at (425) 428-5073.

Factors Impacting the Pricing of Wardrobe Closets in Sammamish, WA

The cost of a wardrobe closet can fluctuate based on several critical factors. Here are the elements that can have an impact on the overall price:

The selection of materials for constructing the closet is a pivotal cost factor. Opting for higher quality materials often entails a higher price.

Larger closets with intricate designs necessitate more materials and labor, naturally raising the overall cost.

Incorporating specialized features such as jewelry drawer inserts, sliding ironing boards, and adjustable shelves can contribute to the final cost.

Highly personalized closet designs or unique fit-outs may incur higher costs due to the tailored nature of the project.

The inclusion of professional installation, which we highly recommend for a seamless and trouble-free experience, can also influence the total cost.

At Creative Closets, we recognize that investing in a wardrobe closet is a significant decision. We are dedicated to making this investment accessible to our clients. To help you bring your vision of the perfect wardrobe closet in Sammamish, WA to life, we offer financing options. Delve into our financing page for further details, and allow us to assist you in transforming your home.

Explore Your Dream Closet: Dive into Our Portfolio

Every project we undertake is a testament to our commitment to superior quality and client satisfaction. Let our portfolio inspire you, showcasing what your future closet in Sammamish could look like.

Effortless Wardrobe Solutions in 3 Simple Steps

At Creative Closets in Sammamish, WA, we’ve distilled the process of getting the perfect wardrobe into three straightforward steps, ensuring a stress-free experience from start to finish.



Our design team works closely with you to create 3D models that reflect your personal style and meet all your storage needs.



Rely on our skilled installers to efficiently set up your custom closet, usually within a single day, minimizing disruption to your daily life.



Experience the joy and ease of a well-organized, bespoke closet space designed to make your daily routine smoother and more enjoyable.

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FAQs About Wardrobe Closets in Sammamish, WA

While both are essential for storing clothes, wardrobes and closets serve different roles. A wardrobe is a freestanding piece that offers flexibility and additional storage when built-in options are lacking. Closets, on the other hand, are integrated into the home’s structure, providing a fixed solution for organizing clothes and accessories.

Creative Closets is all about enhancing functionality and style. We can equip your wardrobe with versatile adjustable shelves, discreet slide-out mirrors for those last-minute checks, and specially designed inserts for jewelry to ensure everything is neatly organized and easily accessible. Plus, we offer unique solutions like pull-out pants racks and custom ironing boards to tailor your wardrobe to your lifestyle.

Wardrobes and cupboards are both storage units but serve different purposes. A wardrobe is specifically designed for storing clothing, often featuring a mix of hanging space and drawers. It can be a freestanding unit or built into a room. Cupboards, however, are more general-purpose storage cabinets that can be used anywhere in the home to store a variety of items.

Tailored Lifestyle Enhancements with Creative Closets

In Sammamish, WA, Creative Closets is your premier choice for custom wardrobe closets, distinguished by:


Our two decades of experience and installation of over 8,000 closet systems speak to our industry leadership.


We stand by our work and products with a lifetime warranty, ensuring your investment lasts.


Our streamlined design and installation process, including same-day 3D designs, respect your time and disrupt your life minimally.


Through in-home consultations, we craft closet solutions that perfectly reflect your unique style and storage needs.

Elevate Your Space with Creative Closets

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Tim Melton

Choose Creative Closets for your wardrobe solutions. Get expert help, a lifetime warranty, and quick setup. Start changing your space now. Call (425) 428-5073 or click below to begin. 

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