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Laundry Room Cabinets Installed In Renton Washington

Imagine a laundry room where every detergent, fabric softener, and linen has its designated spot, creating a harmonious and efficient space. Our custom laundry room cabinets in Renton, WA, do more than organize your essentials – they infuse style and utility into your home, making laundry tasks both enjoyable and efficient. Discover the joy of a seamlessly organized utility space that complements your home’s design and your lifestyle.

Leveraging years of expertise and a legacy of countless installations, Creative Closets is Renton’s premier choice for creating dream laundry spaces. Our commitment to quick installation and a comprehensive lifetime warranty on craftsmanship and materials ensures your custom cabinets meet the highest standards of quality and durability.

Personalized Functionality and Streamlined Organization Await

Our personalized consultation process and live 3D design previews are tailored to match your specific needs, ensuring your laundry room transformation perfectly aligns with your vision.

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Laundry Room Cabinets Installed In Washington by Creative Closets

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Selecting the Ideal Material for Laundry Room Cabinets

When choosing materials for your laundry room cabinets, several factors come into play, including style preferences, budget constraints, and practical considerations like durability and moisture resistance. Here are three commonly utilized materials for laundry room cabinets:

Melamine stands out as an economical and resilient choice for laundry room cabinets. It is crafted by applying a decorative paper layer onto a core panel, typically constructed from particleboard or Medium Density Fiberboard. Melamine cabinets offer resistance to moisture, effortless maintenance, and a wide array of finishes and styles.

While melamine boasts water resistance, it’s essential to promptly address any prolonged exposure to excessive moisture to preserve the longevity of these cabinets.

Plywood emerges as a versatile and robust option for laundry room cabinets. Created by layering thin wood veneer sheets, with each layer perpendicular to the previous one, plywood cabinets form a durable and stable structure. They are renowned for their resistance to warping, making them a reliable choice for spaces with varying humidity levels.

Plywood may carry a higher price tag than some alternatives, but its durability and extended lifespan often justify the investment. It is available in various grades, with higher grades generally indicating superior quality and fewer imperfections.

Laminate cabinets are fashioned by melding layers of paper or fabric with resin onto a composite wood core. Laminate exhibits exceptional durability, resistance to scratches, and boasts an extensive spectrum of colors and patterns. It is low-maintenance and imparts a sleek, modern aesthetic to laundry room cabinets.

While laminate is resilient against moisture, ensuring proper sealing of seams and edges is essential to prevent water penetration. While high-quality laminate cabinets may come at a premium, they provide a durable and visually appealing solution.

Hear From Our Happy Renton Clients

Our satisfied clients in Renton share their experiences with Creative Closets:


Elizabeth Mintus


I used Creative Closets for our garage cabinets. They came out quickly to give me a quote. They were super professional and responsive. They followed up before the install date with all the details I needed. My installers did a fantastic job and went out of their way to make sure I was happy. The best value and service! Cannot recommend enough.


Amran Jama


I just had my closet done and it looks fantastic. They finished everything super quick and they were professional and really kind. I would recommend their services to anyone.

Laundry Room Cabinet Costs in Renton, WA

The cost of custom laundry room cabinets varies based on design complexity, materials, and unique features. Here’s a general pricing guide based on previous projects:

Type of Storage Average Cost (Installed)
Shelving $18 - $26/linear foot
Drying Rack $20 - $150
Stock Cabinet $100 - $300
Closet $135 - $300
Wall Organizer $150 - $1,500
Cabinet with a Sink $300 - $500
Cubby $300 - $500
Custom Cabinet $500 - $1,500

The cost of your laundry room closet system depends on factors like space size, material choices, and design complexity. During an in-home consultation, we’ll collaborate with you to create a customized system that suits your needs and budget. We provide transparent pricing and financing options to make your investment more accessible. For an accurate estimate tailored to your project, contact Creative Closets at (425) 428-5073.

Our Laundry Room Cabinets Portfolio

Every project we undertake is a testament to our commitment to superior quality and client satisfaction. Let our portfolio inspire you, showcasing what your future closet in Sammamish could look like.

Achieving your ideal laundry room in Renton is effortless with Creative Closets:

Achieving your ideal laundry room in Renton is effortless with Creative Closets:



Collaborate on a 3D design that meets your functional and aesthetic needs.



Count on our professionals for quick and precise setup.



Delight in a custom-fitted laundry room that simplifies your chores.

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FAQs About Laundry Room Cabinets in Renton, WA

Laundry room cabinets are specifically designed to accommodate household chores, featuring spaces for appliances, cleaning supplies, and laundry sorting, maximizing both functionality and style.

The decision regarding cabinet style hinges on your design preferences and your home’s overall aesthetic. Take into account elements such as color, door style, and hardware. Shaker-style cabinets offer versatility and a timeless appeal, while contemporary or minimalist styles may incorporate sleek, handle-less doors. Opt for a style that harmonizes with your home’s decor and mirrors your individual taste.

On average, our complete process typically takes approximately 6 weeks to finish, with material delivery being the most time-consuming aspect. Throughout this period, we maintain open communication with you, ensuring that the design aligns with your needs and preferences, while also providing regular progress updates.

Once all components of your new laundry room closet system are prepared, we will coordinate an installation date. Our proficient installation team can typically finalize the installation within a single day, allowing you to promptly experience the benefits of your well-organized laundry room!

To maximize dead space in a laundry room, consider installing shelves, cabinets, or hanging organizers on the walls for efficient vertical storage. Overhead cabinets or shelves can be added to store less frequently used items, and the back of the laundry room door can host hanging organizers, hooks, or even a full-length mirror. Rolling carts offer flexibility for storing laundry supplies or linens, and pull-out drawers, baskets, or cabinets can effectively utilize narrow areas.

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Backed by two decades of experience, we focus on simplifying your life with the highest quality products and craftsmanship. Our mission is to guide you through your organizational journey and create an exceptional experience.

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No more waiting for days or weeks to receive your laundry room design and pricing. We offer a complimentary assessment, providing free design and pricing during our initial consultation.

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