Kids’ Custom Closets: Are They Worth It?

Kids Custom Closet System Installer
I don’t know how it is in your house, but my children’s bedrooms are perpetually messy. When we have company over, I make them close their doors… and sometimes, I make them close their doors when I’m the only one home! From a pile of clothing on the floor that is a random mix of clean and dirty, to toys stacked precariously on shelves, to a mountain of stuffed animals on the beds, it’s a wonder that they can find any clothes to wear or a place to sit (or even sleep)! After seeing what a difference custom closets made in our master walk-in closet, we’re looking forward to getting the kids their own custom closets as well. Far from being just a place for them to keep their clothing, their custom closets will help them to keep the rest of their bedroom neater and more organized… at least, that’s what I’m hoping! Here are some of the ways that they should help the situation:

The hamper is built into the closet

No more clothes on the floor! Part of this is my fault, I admit; when their hampers are full, I tend to take them to the laundry room, where they disappear for a day or two. With a built-in hamper, though, they will have no excuse: The dirty clothing will always have a home, and that home will be right in their closets.

Hanging rods will be at their level

My 12-year-old can reach his clothing rack, but my 9-year-old has a hard time. Coincidentally, my older child’s clothing is more often actually hung up! With a lower rack for my younger one to reach, she won’t have any problems keeping her clothes hung up where they’re supposed to be. (These rods can be moved up later, when she grows.)

Shelving and drawers will be in the closet itself

There won’t be any more quandaries or arguments over whether something should be folded in a drawer or hung up to be put away, because all of the clothes will be stored in the closet. If they don’t want to hang something, they can put it on a shelf; I don’t care, as long as it looks neat and isn’t getting damaged!

The drawers of their bureaus can then hold some of their toys and other treasures

This is key, because they both tend to stack papers, awards, legos and other items all over their bedrooms. With most of the clothes out of the dressers, they can store whatever they want, as long as it fits in a drawer. In the same respect, their desks will be clearer, resulting in a better and simpler homework routine.

Their accessories will stop getting lost

With the custom closet accessories that we’re planning on having installed, their belts, jewelry, shoes and other items will have homes, and shouldn’t get misplaced any more.

It might be too optimistic for me to think that my kids’ lives will be simplified greatly by having kids’ closets installed, but I know that their rooms will at least be cleaner. This will result in a lower stress level for me, and probably for them, too!
Talk to your custom closet professional about how your kids’ custom closets can grow along with them.