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Feel the joy and ease of an organized, clutter-free living space and admire the aesthetic enhancement a well-designed closet brings. Trust Creative Closets, the top designer and installer with over 20 years of experience, 8,000+ installations, and a lifetime warranty.

We’ll transform your home with an on-the-spot 3D design, leaving you feeling delighted and excited about your upgraded space.

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Swayamsiddha Mahapatra


This is our 1st experience with Creative Closets. We wanted a custom pantry for our kitchen matching our current kitchen setup and I don’t think I could be any happier. They were professional and on time with the installation. They adjusted changes in design multiple times and also adjusted our requests on installation changes. We spoke to 4 other companies, but chose them. Our empty kitchen space came out exactly how we wanted. I am surely working with them for all of my future projects..

Enjoy Luxury, Convenience, and Peace of Mind with Our Wardrobe Closets

Choose Creative Closets for a complete in-home showroom experience at zero obligation. Witness your dream space take form with our on-the-spot 3D design. Our licensed and insured team guarantees 1-day installation that seamlessly integrates into your schedule, transforming your home into an organized paradise.

Experience a different way of home organization with:

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (425) 428-5073 or send us a message. We’re here to answer any questions you have and provide a personalized quote once we have the details of your project. Begin your journey to a more organized life with Creative Closets today.

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Streamline Your Storage with These Essential Wardrobe Closet Features

Invest in a wardrobe closet that truly meets your needs. As the leading designer of wardrobe closets in Issaquah, Creative Closets emphasizes functionality and aesthetic appeal in every design. We’ve curated a list of essential features that we believe every wardrobe closet should have.

These elements have been meticulously chosen, based on our vast experience, to provide you with the most efficient and stylish storage solutions.

Divided Drawers

These organize different types of clothes efficiently, making it easy to locate what you need quickly.

Sliding Ironing Boards

Conveniently located within your closet, they save space and ensure your clothes are wrinkle-free at all times.

Jewelry Drawer Inserts

Protect and organize your precious jewelry pieces in a dedicated space, avoiding any tangle or loss.

Pull-Out Pants Tracks

These ensure your pants are neatly arranged, preventing wrinkles and enhancing your closet’s organization.

Tie and Belt Racks

Keep your ties and belts in great condition and easy to find, saving you time in the morning.

Slide-Out Mirrors

These mirrors offer convenience by being there when needed and tucked away when not, ensuring you always look your best.

Interior Lighting

Enhance visibility and add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe closets, making your selection process effortless.

Shoe Organizers

Keep your shoes in excellent condition and easy to locate, offering a tidy and well-arranged look.

Storage Boxes

These provide a home for your smaller items or seasonal clothing, keeping your closet clean and organized.

Valet Rods

Useful for planning outfits or hanging dry cleaning, they provide additional temporary storage.

Slide-Out Tie and Belt Racks

Perfect for smooth access and easy selection, ensuring your accessories are always ready to wear.

Adjustable Shelves

Allow for customizing your closet space as per your changing needs, providing flexibility and maximizing storage.

Choosing to install any or all of these features in your wardrobe closets in Issaquah, WA, ensures a well-organized, efficient storage system that makes dressing a breeze and keeps your items in optimum condition. Let Creative Closets help you design the perfect storage solution for your needs.

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Unveil a New Level of Satisfaction with Real Homeowner Reviews

Take a peek at the experiences of our satisfied customers. Reading these insightful reviews can guide you toward an organized life just like the countless homeowners we’ve delighted over the years.

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Nicole Kuro


The assemblers were courteous and professional, they were neat, and did a great job assembling cabinets in my living room. They answered all my questions also. The quality of the material is also better than the usual offerings at other places.

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Manoj SureshKumar


Amazing experience from start to finish! The cost was very reasonable and the quality of the cabinets/work was exemplar. Jordan was very efficient with installation. If you are looking to get a custom closet installation done, don’t waste your time comparing various companies…just go with Creative Closets.

Average Wardrobe Closets Cost In Issaquah, WA

The cost of wardrobe closets in Issaquah, WA tends to vary, based on the level of customization, materials used, and additional features incorporated. On average, homeowners can expect to invest anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 for a custom wardrobe closet.

Feature Average Cost in Renton, WA
Divided Drawers $200 - $400
Sliding Ironing Boards $150 - $300
Jewelry Drawer Inserts $100 - $200
Pull-Out Pants Tracks $150 - $250
Tie and Belt Racks $50 - $100
Slide-Out Mirrors $100 - $200
Interior Lighting $200 - $400
Shoe Organizers $150 - $300
Storage Boxes $100 - $200
Valet Rods $50 - $100
Slide-Out Tie and Belt Racks $75 - $150
Adjustable Shelves $100 - $200

Remember, the price is reflective of the quality, durability, and detailed craftsmanship that goes into creating these unique storage solutions. At Creative Closets, we believe in delivering value for every dollar spent and guaranteeing an organized living space that brings you daily joy and ease. To find out more about the cost of wardrobe closets in Issaquah, WA, contact us today.

Factors That Can Increase The Cost of Wardrobe Closets in Issaquah, WA

The cost of a wardrobe closet can fluctuate based on several factors. Here are some elements that can affect the overall price:

The choice of materials for your closet can significantly affect the price. Higher-end materials like solid wood or unique finishes will typically cost more than standard melamine or laminate.

A bespoke design tailored to your specific needs and preferences may up the cost. This includes custom-built shelving, cabinetry, drawers, and other specific features that cater to your unique storage needs.

The size of your closet is a major determinant of cost. Large walk-in closets will require more materials and labor than smaller reach-in closets.

Incorporating luxe features like backlit shelves, glass-doored cabinets, leather drawer fronts, or inbuilt safes can increase the overall cost.

The complexity of the design is another factor. A simple, straightforward design will be less costly than one with intricate details and elaborate configurations.

The cost of installation can also vary depending on the complexity of the job, the need for additional contractors, or if structural modifications to your home are required.

We understand that investing in a custom wardrobe closet is a significant decision. That’s why at Creative Closets, we offer financing options to make your dream of having a well-organized, stylish wardrobe closet in Issaquah, WA a reality. Check out our financing page for more information on how we can facilitate your next home improvement project.

Discover Your Dream Space in Our Inspiring Project Portfolio

Explore our extensive project portfolio to see firsthand the quality, craftsmanship, and beauty of our custom-designed wardrobe closets in Issaquah, WA. Witnessing our transformations will inspire ideas for your own space and assure you of the excellence we deliver.

Effortless Elegance: Our Simple 3-Step Process

Transforming your space with Creative Closets is a breeze. We’ve streamlined our approach to three simple steps:

first step in the process - design



Tailored 3D designs crafted to match your style and storage needs.

2nd step in the process - install closets, cabinetry



Our team executes the one-day installation impeccably, minimizing disruption in your home.

2nd step in the process - enjoy newly installed custom closet



Revel in your brand-new, custom-designed wardrobe closet and the effortless organization it brings.

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FAQs About Wardrobe Closets In Issaquah, WA

A wardrobe and a closet serve similar purposes but differ in their structures. A wardrobe is a standalone piece of furniture used for storing clothes and accessories. It can be moved around and is a popular choice for rooms lacking built-in storage.`

On the other hand, a closet is a built-in storage space, usually enclosed by doors and integrated into the design of the room or house. Unlike wardrobes, closets are fixed and cannot be moved. Creative Closets specializes in designing and installing custom-built wardrobe closets in Issaquah, WA, blending the best features of both to meet your storage needs.

Yes, all our wardrobe closets come with a lifetime warranty. This warranty covers both the products we use and the workmanship we deliver.

We stand by our commitment to quality, ensuring that our wardrobe closets will stand the test of time. We’ve been delivering this promise to our customers for over 20 years.
For more detailed information about our warranty, please give us a call at (425) 428-5073.

The size of a wardrobe closet can be as extensive as your space allows and your needs demand. Whether you desire a compact single-unit wardrobe or a sprawling walk-in closet, our goal at Creative Closets is to maximize your storage potential.

For standard wardrobes, a width of 48-60 inches is common. However, for walk-in closets, the dimensions can be much larger. We can customize these to fit your specific requirements and room measurements.

It’s important to note that while size matters, good design is paramount. We ensure each wardrobe closet we design in Issaquah, WA, is not only spacious but also efficient and stylish.

Experience the Best with Creative Closets - Where Quality Meets Affordability

In Issaquah, WA, no one designs and installs wardrobe closets quite like us at Creative Closets. Our 20+ years of experience, coupled with an unwavering commitment to quality and affordability, make us the top choice for your home storage solutions.


Over 20 years in business with 8,000+ closets designed and installed.


One-day installation ensuring minimal disruption to your home.


Our products and workmanship come with a lifetime warranty.


We offer unique in-home showroom experiences and on-the-spot 3D designs.

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Why settle for less when you can experience the best? Partner with us for your wardrobe closet project in Issaquah, WA, benefit from our wealth of experience, and get the assurance that comes with a lifetime warranty. Ready to make your dream closet a reality? Call us at (425) 428-5073 or simply click the button below to send us a message.

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