How Much Does a Custom Closet System Cost?

One of the first questions many Washington homeowners ask when they consider custom closets is, “how much will this cost?” It is true that a custom closet system comes with a price tag, and truthfully, nobody can tell you exactly how much yours will cost until you have a consultation with your professional closet organizer. Here are some of the factors to keep in mind when you are making the decision to go invest in a custom closet system.

Features That Make Custom Closets More or Less Expensive

Every custom closet is different, and your Creative Closets designer will talk to you about your preferences, take a look at your current space, and find out how you intend to use your new storage system. From there, he or she can make recommendations based on what they think might work best for your family. Please let us know your budget so we can be mindful of it. Remember that while we are making suggestions, you can make the changes you need to our design so it fits in with what you want to spend. Here are some of the features that affect the cost of your custom closet:

  • Size of the closet. Small closets, like kids’ closets, entryway closets, and linen closets, are less expensive to customize than large walk-in closets. Getting a small space in order can pack a big punch when it comes to how your home operates, so if you aren’t quite sure about what you want, starting with a small reach-in closet is an affordable way to get started on your journey toward a more organized home.
  • Accessories. In general, the more accessories and components you want or need to add, the more expensive your closet will be. Your designer can go over the cost of the various options available.
  • High-end materials. If you are adding expensive flooring, an island with a granite top, or some other luxurious finishes, you will pay more than if you go with more standard finishes and materials. Keep in mind that all of our wood components come with a lifetime guarantee; even the most basic custom closet is designed to stand up to many years of use.
Custom Closet System Installation

How a Custom Closet System Can Pay Off Now

The investment that you are making in your home will pay off both now and in the future. Any upgrades that you have done should improve your life and make your household run more smoothly in the short term while also adding long-term value. Here are some of the ways that a custom closet system can actually save you money right away.
  • Your clothing will stay in better shape. Items that are kept in a closet that doesn’t have enough storage space available will often snag on each other, popping off buttons and catching on fringes or loose threads. In addition, these items are difficult to keep wrinkle-free and can develop wear spots not from wearing but from rubbing against the piece of clothing next to it. A custom closet with plenty of space can prevent most of this damage from occurring, helping your clothes to last longer.
  • Your accessories will last longer. Remember that your closet isn’t only for clothing. Since a Creative Closets storage system includes space for your scarves, jewelry, ties, belts, shoes, and various other accessories, you won’t have to worry about yours wearing out before their time. Forget about smooshed shoes and tangled necklaces. Our closet organizers will keep these items in good condition.
  • You’ll experience fewer misplaced items. First, when everything has a place, it is much easier to keep items neat and tidy. Secondly, there will be less overcrowding and dropped items. This means that when you need your peacock blue tie or your dusky rose pumps, you will know where to find these items, reducing the possibility that you will need to replace them.
Walk In Custom Closet System

How a Custom Closet System Can Pay Off Later

As with any home improvement project, custom closets can pay off later when the time comes to sell your home. Here are some of the ways this can work.
  • You’ll have a place to stash your stuff. One of the hardest things about getting your home ready to sell is packing up all of those odds and ends that make the house a home. Your real estate agent will tell you that you should remove some of your personal items so that potential buyers will be able to imagine their own things in the space. This means you’ll need a handy place to store these items. Your custom closet offers plenty of space, making it the perfect spot to keep these belongings.
  • Your home will look neater. Homes with good organization systems look neater and cleaner because there are fewer random items taking up space in the main living areas and the main parts of the bedrooms. Since clutter is one of the major turn-offs when buyers view your home, you’ll already be a step ahead of the game.
  • Many upgrades add to the value of the home. This includes custom closets, provided they are of a high quality (like Creative Closets always are) and taken care of well. Remember that buyers look for evidence that the house has been cared for. An improvement like new closets tells buyers that in addition to putting in optional upgrades, you’ve also taken care of the basics like updating the electrical outlets as needed and having the roof inspected regularly.
If you are ready to get a custom quote for your new storage space, contact Creative Closets. We will come to your home at no cost to talk about your project and show you how we can help you enjoy your home more while saving time and money.