How a Closet Designer Creates Custom Closets

Have you ever gone looking for something – maybe a shirt that you haven’t worn for a while, or that sewing basket that you know you stored somewhere in the hall closet – and ended up with a multi-hour organizational project because the closet was a mess and you couldn’t find what you needed? This happens to people all of the time, but it doesn’t have to. The job of a professional closet designer involves creating custom closets that are organized for maximum functionality so that they don’t become cluttered, overstuffed spaces where you can’t find the things that you need.
Custom closet designers work with the space that you have to create a closet that actually works for your lifestyle and for the items that you need to store. This may involve adding rods, shelves, baskets, drawers, and other types of accessories to help organize the space so that it works better to store your things and also looks attractive and inviting so that you want to use the space the way that it’s intended. Look at some of the things you need to know about how closet designers create custom closets for clients.
Custom Closet Design Software

Closet Designers Use Closet Design Software

When you picture a closet designer, you may be picturing someone working with a measuring tape and an armful of hangers, not someone sitting behind a computer. However, the truth is that closet design can be as high-tech as any other type of design. While a custom closet designer will need to take measurements and do physical work within the closet, they also work with computer software in order to create a visual representation of the closet they are designing for the client.

You can see how closet design software works for yourself by testing out some of the various free closet design software tools available online. A professional closet design professional will have software with more features and options than you may be able to find for free online, but these free options can help give you an idea of what you’re looking for, which may be useful if you’re having trouble picturing how your closet could ever go from a disorganized mess to a functional, attractive space.
Your Creative Closets closet designer will use the information that they have about your closet, including what you’re storing, your preferences and needs, the measurements of the closets, and any existing features of the closet that need to be taken into account, to design the ideal organized closet using our own 3D closet design software. He or she may show you several possible options so that you can choose the one that appeals to you most. The software will help by providing a detailed plan that our builders will follow to create your custom closet.
Custom Bedroom Closet Installation

Closet Designers Use a Variety of Closet Materials

Your custom closet designer will probably present you with a choice of materials that they can use in order to transform your closet. Do you want metal or wooden rods? Plastic or glass shelving? They may use special doors in order to give you more space or architectural molds to change the way that the closet looks. The materials your closet designer uses can make a big difference not only in looks but in cost. Higher-quality materials will cost more, but they may also look better and last longer.

There are many different ways for custom closet designers to arrange even seemingly ordinary closet materials. For example, you may be accustomed to rods that run the length of the closet and are placed relatively high up in the closet. But a closet designer might suggest a series of smaller rods rather than one or two long ones so that you can better group your clothing into categories. Or they may suggest placing rods lower down than the standard height so that children or physically disabled family members can better reach them. If you have a hall closet that isn’t being used to store winter coats or other clothing, a closet designer may suggest removing the rods from that closet entirely to make more room for shelves or hooks that may be more useful in that space.

Closet Designers Have a Variety of Closet Accessories

Often, accessories are an important factor in making closets work, but the average homeowner may not be aware of all the closet accessories that are available or how they can use or arrange them in their own closets in order to create more space and improve organization. This is an area where custom closet designers excel.

Some of the accessories that your custom closet designer might suggest include wire baskets, shoe racks, hampers, tie racks, pant racks, fold-out ironing boards, and jewelry drawers. These accessories help ensure that each item stored in the closet has its own space, which helps prevent clutter and also helps ensure that you can find items when you need them without having to tear the closet apart looking for them.
Custom closet designers may also suggest things like additional lighting. Well-placed LED lights can help get rid of dark corners or shadowy sides of the closet that you’re organizing. The ability to easily see everything inside of your closet at a glance can go a long way toward helping you keep the space organized and neat. It’s easy to ignore a pile of laundry if you can’t see it. It’s easy to miss clothes that keep slipping off of the hangers in the back of the closet if you can’t get a good look at the back of the closet anyway. Additional lighting can be one of the more important accessories in a custom closet, and your custom closet professional will know the best ways to introduce more light in the close space that you have.
Custom closet designers sell more than just improved closet space. Organized, functional, and attractive closets are a lifestyle change. You’ll have more time when you’re getting ready in the morning. Small chores won’t turn into massive cleaning endeavors. Your custom closet designer’s work can open up a whole new world of accessibility.