How Much Does a Custom Garage Cost?

Custom Garage Cabinet System

If you’re like most people, your garage is most likely used as a catch-all storage area for lawn equipment, sports accouterments, seasonal decorations – and maybe a vehicle, if you’re lucky.

Don’t let all that gorgeous square footage go to waste. Now is the perfect time to revitalize your garage and create a unique and useful space that will increase the value of your home and make your life so much easier.
The first thing to consider when planning a garage upgrade is your budget. The cost of a custom garage storage organization system depends on several factors:
  • Your Overall Storage Plan
  • Workbench and Countertop Options
  • Utilizing Overhead Space
  • Colors and Styles
  • Accessories
A well-organized garage will streamline your work and add caliber to your home. Keep reading for more info to help you build the dream garage you always desired!

Discover Your Plan

Whether you are a car enthusiast who plans to work on your vehicle regularly, a dedicated woodworker, or a green-thumbed gardener, you’ll need to think about how exactly you want your new garage laid out. Proceeding with a renovation without a concrete plan is a recipe for disaster.

The experts at 
LifeHacker suggest dividing your garage into six zones that will help keep everything organized and create an efficient flow:

  • Zone 1: Closest to the door from your house, this is where you should keep items you need when going out, like coats or shopping bags.
  • Zone 2: A crucial storage area for bulky household items, auto supplies, or nonperishables.
  • Zone 3: The perfect place to stash yard implements or other tall and thin items you frequently need.
  • Zone 4: Ideal for things you love but don’t use often, like holiday decorations and other seasonal goodies. 
  • Zone 5: Located right by the exit to the outdoors, this is a great place to put bikes and other sports equipment. 
  • Zone 6: Your workbench, where you can spend countless hours doing what you love.

This is also a splendid time to think about what kind of cabinetry you want. Tall cabinets with an impressive amount of storage capability are only around $1,200, and will safely protect your gear for many years to come.

Getting organized can be challenging, but once you’ve developed a solid plan, you can create your custom garage with confidence. If you’re unsure where to begin, check out this handy piece from the 
DIY Network with loads of clever tips for how to start turning your garage mess into garage bliss.

Custom Garage Cabinet System

Your Ideal Workspace

No matter what kind of hobbies you enjoy, you deserve a beautifully crafted work area and workbench. It may even become the focal point of your entire renovation. The size and shape of your workbench will depend on your specific needs, but the storage options available are truly endless.

For example, an efficiently designed workspace with upper cabinets, wall storage, attractive countertops, and easy to reach lower cabinetry could be created for around $4,250. Just think what a delight it will be to work on your favorite projects in a space designed especially for you.

Another important consideration is what kind of countertop to install. The perfect choice for you depends on your particular activities:

  • Butcher Block: Great for activities like sewing, scrapbooking, and other fine crafts.
  • Stainless Steel: A superb setting for automotive activities or heavy machinery.
  • Ebony Star: Created from enduring laminate, this easy-to-clean surface is excellent for painting or gardening.
  • Milano Quartz: A gorgeous heavyweight, this countertop is visually appealing and ready for whatever work you do.

The world is your oyster so go ahead and reach for the stars when designing your ideal workstation.

The World Above You

One of the best (and least-utilized) storage spaces is right over your head. Garages typically have high ceilings, so this is a sweet place to put some cool overhead racks. What can you stick up there? Anything, really – although it’s best to put items you don’t need every day up high. A marvelous choice would be clear storage boxes to hold costumes, seasonal clothing, extra bedding, and much more – just make sure your bins are tightly sealed to prevent pests. The home organization pros at HGTV remind you to label everything and to use a color coding system to represent each member of your family. 

First-class overhead racks are a necessity if you need extra storage space. Their openness and accessibility will help you get organized and stay that way. Made out of sturdy metal, these awesome and ingenious racks are usually around $540 – a small price to pay for so much additional space.

Custom Garage Cabinet System

Flaunt Your Style

Designing and installing a custom garage is a terrific way to showcase your personal flair. Cabinetry, countertops, hardware all come in a wide range of colors and finishes. Feeling daring? Go with a bold red finish with versatile Slatwall racks in a complementary neutral color. Want something more traditional? Woodgrain finishes are a great choice.

A Multitude of Accessories

Your garage will benefit greatly from the installation of a wall organization system like Slatwall. It’s incredibly useful for storing practically anything, and lets you utilize valuable vertical space.

Hang large power tools, ladders, rakes, shovels, tennis rackets, and baskets full of sports balls or crafting supplies. Add magnetic bars that will lovingly display your hand tools like wrenches and screwdrivers. You can even include specialty racks for golf clubs, skis, and bikes. An eight-foot section of fully tricked-out Slatwall typically costs around $780.


The cost of your dream custom garage depends entirely on what you want. Making a detailed plan first will help you determine your storage needs, and from there you can build a creative workstation, take advantage of overhead and vertical space, and let your style shine through.


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