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Picture a closet where every item has its rightful place, mirroring your unique style and simplifying your daily routine. In Auburn, turning this vision into reality is easier than ever with a consultation away from Creative Closets.

Boasting years of expertise in bespoke closet designs, Creative Closets is your ally in Auburn for breathing new life into your bedroom with tailor-made wardrobe systems. Our commitment? To deliver a seamless and swift transformation of your space, all while ensuring lasting quality with a comprehensive lifetime warranty.

Worker sets the shelf for closet installations

Crafting Closets That Speak to You

Embark on a creative expedition from the moment our design specialists step through your door, ready to unlock the full potential of your space with advanced 3D design technology. At Creative Closets, we promise a wardrobe system that aligns flawlessly with both your spatial needs and personal flair. Dive into this journey with us and revel in:

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Our Satisfied Auburn Clients Testimonials

Hear from our Auburn clients who have transformed their spaces into bastions of orderly bliss with Creative Closets:


Nicole Kuro


The assemblers were courteous and professional, they were neat, and did a great job assembling cabinets in my living room. They answered all my questions also. The quality of the material is also better than the usual offerings at other places.


Manoj SureshKumar


Amazing experience from start to finish! The cost was very reasonable and the quality of the cabinets/work was exemplary. Jordan was very efficient with installation. If you are looking to get a custom closet installation done, don’t waste your time comparing various companies…just go with Creative Closets.

Be Inspired by Our Transformations

Browse through our gallery to witness the stunning transformations we’ve achieved, turning mundane closets into spectacular showcases of order and style.

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Features in Your Auburn Wardrobe Closet

Anticipate a closet where functionality dances with elegance. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits:

Upgrade your bedroom with a closet that showcases functional beauty. Contact Creative Closets at (425) 428-5073 for more information on turning your space into an exemplar of organization and style.

Our skilled installers ensure that every piece, from shelves to rods, is perfectly installed, providing a visually appealing and functional arrangement.
Designed to accommodate the specific dimensions of your bedroom, our closets utilize every available space, offering custom storage solutions that fit your lifestyle.
Let Creative Closets handle the complexities of closet installation, from the initial design to the final implementation, freeing you up to enjoy your updated space sooner.
Our professional installation ensures a durable, long-lasting setup, thanks to our precision techniques and high-quality materials.
With professional installation, you can be confident that all components are securely mounted, protecting you and your valuables from potential mishaps.
Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Creative Closets’ comprehensive lifetime warranty on all craftsmanship and materials.

Auburn Closet System Costs

While specific project costs vary, here’s an insight into average investments for premium features:

Feature Average Cost
Divided Drawers $200 - $400
Sliding Ironing Boards $150 - $300
Jewelry Drawer Inserts $100 - $200
Pull-Out Pants Tracks $150 - $250
Tie and Belt Racks $50 - $100
Slide-Out Mirrors $100 - $200
Interior Lighting $200 - $400
Shoe Organizers $150 - $300
Storage Boxes $100 - $200
Valet Rods $50 - $100
Slide-Out Tie and Belt Racks $75 - $150
Adjustable Shelves $100 - $200

For a comprehensive estimate tailored to your bedroom closet project, get in touch with Creative Closets at (425) 428-5073. Visit our website to explore our services and find your inspiration.

Factors Influencing Closet Installation Costs

When dreaming up the perfect closet, understanding the elements that influence the final cost is crucial for planning and achieving the balance between your desires and your budget. Here are key factors that play a significant role in determining the investment required for your custom closet project:

Here’s what affects the cost of your custom closet project:

Organized modern wardrobe with clothes, shoes, and accessories neatly arranged, ideal for home closet organization and storage solutions.

FAQs on Closet Installations by Creative Closets

Custom closets offer a highly organized space designed with your specific lifestyle in mind, making it easier and more enjoyable to choose outfits and access your belongings.
Yes, indeed! We specialize in devising storage solutions that make the most of your available space, no matter the size or shape.
We begin with a personal consultation, followed by 3D design visualization and selection of materials, and end with professional installation, ensuring a smooth and efficient makeover from concept to completion.
Installation timelines may vary depending on project complexity, but Creative Closets strives for fast and efficient service, often completing installations within a couple of days to minimize disruption to your daily life.
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Tim Melton

Your Perfectly Organized and Stylish Closet Awaits

Imagine a bedroom closet that combines sleek style with flawless organization. Let Creative Closets turn that vision into reality. Call (425) 428-5073 to begin crafting your ideal sanctuary together.
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Auburn, WA, is a vibrant city right in the heart of the Puget Sound region. Home to the Muckleshoot Casino and the White River Valley Museum, Auburn offers a blend of cultural attractions and recreational activities, making it a perfect destination for both history buffs and adventure seekers alike.