Closet Jewelry Organizer Ideas

Jewelry Box
There’s nothing worse than going to put on a necklace only to discover that the chain is tangled into a tight knot or finding out that your favorite pair of earrings is no longer a pair because one has gone missing. Due to the small size and delicate nature of jewelry, it can be difficult to organize even if you have a custom closet.

Long gone are the days of purchasing boring, bulky jewelry boxes like your grandma used to use. Today’s fashionistas have endless options when it comes to organizing jewelry. From ready-made accessory organizers to easy and cute DIY projects, here are the best ways to organize your jewelry:  
  • Neaten Up Your Necklaces
  • Brandish Your Bracelets and Bangles
  • All Eyes on Your Earrings
  • Put a Ring On It
  • Accentuate Your Accessories
Keep reading to discover some clever hacks to help you safely store and organize the jewelry in your closets.

Neaten Up Your Necklaces

Necklaces are one of the most challenging types of jewelry to organize because they tangle so easily. If you toss them into a drawer or jewelry box then you are almost certain to create a knot – or kink the chain at the very least. The easiest way to take care of your necklaces is to always leave them hanging!

The simplest solution is to screw cabinet knobs or small decorative hooks into your closet wall or even on the side of a cabinet. Then all you need to do is hang your necklaces, allowing them to dangle untangled from the knob or hook. You can store multiple necklaces on each one. This allows you to organize your necklaces by style, length, or material.

For example, you could place your chokers on one hook or hang all of your beaded necklaces together. Another option is to install a basic accordion hat rack in your closet and hang your necklaces from the pegs.

If you don’t have the available wall space– or just don’t want to drill into your wall or cabinetry – then you can create a unique necklace holder using a wooden hanger and 10 to 15 small cup hooks. Simply screw the cup hooks into the underside of the hanger and you’re all set.

You can easily take the hanger in and out of the closet to access your necklaces. All Things Beautiful took this DIY trick to the next level by making a decorative hanger to put on display. Using different pieces of fabric and some “mod podge,” they were able to create a fabulous, vintage-looking find.


Brandish Your Bracelets and Bangles

While you can certainly organize your bracelets by hanging them from knobs and hooks just like necklaces, another option is to use a small curtain rod. Simply slip your bracelets and bangles over the rod and hang them up on a closet wall.

The modern homemaking website OneGoodThingByJillie recommends using a thread rack to store bracelets. You can find them in the sewing section of your favorite craft store. Typically used to arrange spools of thread, it can easily be repurposed to organize your bracelets and even short necklaces.

With dozens of pegs, a thread rack will allow you to see almost your entire jewelry collection in a quick glance. Most thread racks are made of wood that can be painted to match your décor.

It’s always nice to recycle or repurpose items rather than throw them away. So, why not use glass soda bottles and old candlesticks to display and organize your chunky bangle bracelets? Simply stack your bangles over the upright object until you’re ready to wear one.

All Eyes on Your Earrings

Earrings are generally super small and delicate, making it easy for them to get lost or broken. You can prevent that from happening if you keep your earrings organized. There’s no need to purchase earring trees or other decorative holders when you can raid your kitchen.

Muffin tins, ice cube trays, and even deviled egg plates are easy and inexpensive storage solutions, especially for stud earrings, while dangly earrings can be hung from the holes of a metal grater. If you don’t want to buy or repurpose something you use for cooking, then consider upcycling disposable cardboard or Styrofoam egg cartons. You can store earrings in the egg cups.

DIYers can craft attractive earring organizers using simple products such as a picture frame and a piece of lace ribbon. Simply remove the glass and place strips of the lace in the frame, stretching it tight, then hang up your earrings by threading them through the lace. Another option is to hang dangly earrings from metal chains that you tack up to the wall. The earring posts fit perfectly through the chain’s links.

Handy Hack: To keep pairs of earrings together, especially when traveling, insert the posts through an old button and secure them with the earring backs.


Put a Ring On It

Trinket dishes are a great way to organize and store your rings. If you possess even the slightest degree of artistic talent, you can be totally on-trend and make your own cute cactus ring dish just like the ones you see in boutiques. The crafting experts at The Spruce say it’s super simple to make one using modeling clay, glue, and some paint. All you need to do is sculpt the clay into a cactus shape, allow it to dry, give it a quick paint job, and then securely glue it to the bottom of a small dish or shallow bowl.

Building your very own velvet ring tray is another quick and easy DIY project anyone can handle. Start by purchasing or repurposing a wooden box, piece of high-density foam, and a scrap of velvet fabric. explains how to do it step-by-step, but basically, you just cut the foam to fit the box, then cut slits into the top of the foam, and cover it with velvet. In mere minutes you will be able to display your bling in a beautiful manner.

Accentuate Your Accessories

Custom closet companies and home storage brands offer a wide variety of convenient accessory drawers and containers to stash your stuff, but there are also plenty of DIY options when it comes to organizing your accessories. Pairs of sunglasses can be decoratively displayed using wooden clothespins attached to the wall with Command Strips or, if you’re a bit more handy, by screwing picture hanging hooks or small cup hooks into a thin block of wood.

If you’re into the shabby chic look, you can craft a three-tiered jewelry tower to organize and store miscellaneous pieces of jewelry or the pieces you wear every day. All you need are three small saucers and plates (of increasingly larger size) which you can pick up at a vintage store or garage sale. They don’t need to match.

In fact, that’s part of the charm. You’ll also need two short wooden candlesticks (or cut one into two pieces). These can also be upcycled from thrift store finds. Start by painting the candlesticks a color that compliments the plates and then simply glue all of the pieces together to create your own one-of-a-kind jewelry tower.


Whether your jewelry collection consists of diamonds and pearls or inexpensive costume jewelry, it’s important to keep it organized. Not only will this make it easy to find the perfect piece to complement your outfit, but it will prevent your jewelry from getting lost or damaged.