How a Closet Designer Creates Custom Closets

Have you ever gone looking for something – maybe a shirt that you haven’t worn for a while, or that sewing basket that you know you stored somewhere in the hall closet – and ended up with a multi-hour organizational project because the closet was …

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Home Organization Essentials

With the ongoing pandemic, you’re still probably spending more time at home than ever before. While this has offered abundant time to relax and enjoy quality time with family, there’s one surefire way to sabotage your domestic bliss: a messy home. Stacks of papers, cluttered …

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Home Organization Apps

It’s 2013, and most of carry around smartphones everywhere we go. The knowledge of the world is literally at our fingertips, along with thousands of apps. Since many of us struggle with home organization, what better way to keep on track than to use these …

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What Type of Furniture Belongs in a Home Office?

When you think of a home office, you probably conjure up visions of an old desk stuffed into the corner of a room, along with some rinky-dink computer chair from the ’90s. While you can get by with that setup, you’re really not doing yourself any …

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Home Office Decor Ideas for Her

  Creating a home office space to meet your needs might seem like a daunting task, but it’s easier than you think. Many men and women are working from home, but you don’t want your home office to look like a man cave or kids’ playroom. However, …

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Home Office Decor Ideas for Him

  If you’re a fella who’s in the process of setting up his home office, you shouldn’t settle for a plastic chair and a laptop. You’ll need a work environment that makes you feel like the go-getter you really are! In that spirit, here are a …

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Have You Dreamed of Having a Custom Pantry

A custom pantry installed in your home can improve the flow of your kitchen and set the stage for better overall home organization. It has been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but when it’s a mess and you don’t know what …

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Guest Room Essentials

Welcoming guests, whether for the holidays or any time of year, is always fun. Being prepared, however, can be a challenge. Take away the stress & enjoy more time with your loved ones by giving your guest room a little TLC with the help of …

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Guest Room Design Ideas

Whether it’s your in-laws or your best friend from college, it’s always special when friends and loved ones come to stay at your house. You can help make your guests feel at home in your home by creating a warm and welcoming space for them …

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Getting Out of a Clothing Rut

“Go through your closet periodically and try to put new outfits together using what you already have; it might save you money that you would otherwise spend on separates that you really don’t need.” Do you tend to wear the same clothes over and over …

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