How to Get Your Cleaning Routine Under Control

Do you often feel as though you’re rushing around in your home, putting out one figurative fire after another? If you are always dealing with piles of clutter and the small crises that tend to occur when you have pets or young children in the …

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How to Find Valuables at Garage Sales

As the weather heats up all over the country, yard sale season is getting underway. While many garage sales may be stocked mostly with musty books, children’s outgrown clothing, VHS movies and dilapidated furniture, sometimes you can get a great deal on a valuable or …

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How to Eliminate Foul Odors in Your Closets

Closets have been known to trap foul odors. That’s not surprising considering that they are generally small, dark, enclosed spaces with little ventilation. On top of that, most people keep their dirty laundry and smelly shoes in the closet, which only makes matters worse. The …

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How to Design a Home Office for Two

Finding room in your house for one home office is challenging enough but carving out two workspaces is even more difficult. If you and your partner both work remotely, and space is at a premium, sharing a home office is a great solution.   With each person …

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How To Clean Your Custom Closet

Having custom closets installed in your home can really change your daily routines, as well as the smooth running of your home. When there is a place for everything and everything is in its place, items naturally stop cluttering up your surfaces, and you have more time …

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How Much Does a Custom Closet System Cost?

One of the first questions many Washington homeowners ask when they consider custom closets is, “how much will this cost?” It is true that a custom closet system comes with a price tag, and truthfully, nobody can tell you exactly how much yours will cost until you have …

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How much do custom closet systems cost?

Over the years, we have heard a lot of questions from our clients. Some of them are questions that we haven’t heard before, but for the most part, potential clients are often wondering about the same things. We take the opportunity to answer all questions …

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How Can Pull-Out Shelves Help With Closet Organization?

You might already be familiar with our products as they relate to walk-in closets. When we come to your home, we evaluate what you need in terms of shelving, drawers, closet accessories and clothing rods, and we make sure that you have plenty of walk-in closet storage. Did you …

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How Can Custom Closets Help Me Sell My Home?

For the past several years, homeowners have been hearing that it’s a buyer’s market. While conditions are slowly but surely improving, this has been true, for the most part: Prices are low and there are a lot of houses on the market, so buyers can …

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How Can a Custom Closet Change My Life

One question that we’re frequently asked when it comes to custom closets is, “How does a custom closet save me time, money and space?” While it’s nice to be able to look into your newly organized closet and see everything neat and tidy, you might not understand …

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