The Best Closet Organizers In Auburn

Don't compromise with store-bought closets and containers - have a custom one made just for you!

The Best Closet Organizers In Auburn

Picture yourself opening your closet to a scene of disorder – clothes scattered untidily on the floor, stacks of shoeboxes in disarray, and accessories lost in the mess. An unorganized closet adds stress to your daily routine and can affect your productivity and peace of mind.

Creative Closets can help you transform your disorganized closet into an organized and convenient space. We provide customized closet systems designed and installed by our expert team, tailored to your specific needs. With our services, every inch of your closet space will be utilized to ensure maximum organization and convenience.


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Fantastic experience from start to finish. Responsive, professional, and efficient. We love our new closets! Pleasure working with everyone – Jerry, Broc, Tim, Josh and Jordan!

Want a More Organized Auburn Home?

Custom closet organizers are better than store-bought ones because they can be made the way you want them. A messy, unorganized closet can make you feel stressed, and it is hard to find what you need. Creative Closets can help turn your disorganized closet into an organized and convenient space.

With our closet organizers, you’ll earn:

Get in touch with us to enjoy the experience of walking into a completely organized space. Every item has its rightful place, and finding what you need is effortless.

Common Types Of Closet Organizers For Auburn Homes

To turn your disorganized closet into a tidy space, you need suitable closet organizers. We’ll discuss the common types of closet organizers ideal for Auburn homeowners in this section. These organizers cater to specific storage requirements, thereby keeping your items tidy and effortless to access.

600 x 450 Laminate Drawers
Closet drawers can help you store small items, like socks, undergarments, and accessories, in an organized way. These drawers have compartments and dividers that make it easy to keep your essentials in order and within reach while keeping your closet tidy and free from clutter.
Corner Shelves

Organizing your closet with shelving is a great way to store folded clothes, linens and other non-hanging items. By adjusting the shelves, you can create customized spacing to fit different sized items, which maximizes vertical storage space and promotes better organization.


Jewelry organizers are designed to keep your accessories in an orderly and visible way. They have compartments for necklaces, bracelet hooks, and cushioned ring slots. Jewelry organizers not only safeguard your valuable pieces but also enhance the appearance of your closet with an elegant touch.

Shoe rack on closet

Shoe racks offer a specific area to keep your collection of shoes organized and easily accessible, avoiding clutter on the floor or losing them within your closet. Different styles of shoe racks, such as shelves, hanging organizers, and cubbies, are available to help you choose the ideal solution to showcase and safeguard your shoes.

kitchen pantry cabinets custom closet systems lynnwood

There are numerous closet storage solutions available, including bins, cubbies, and baskets. These versatile organizers help create specific areas for different items, such as scarves, belts, purses, and hats. By organizing similar items together, you can easily find what you need and keep your closet neat and tidy.

Storage bins for garages

Storage Bins

If you have seasonal clothing, bulky items, or things you don’t use often, it’s a good idea to store them in storage bins. Clear or labeled bins can help you quickly and easily find what you’re looking for, without having to search through lots of boxes. This can help keep your closet neat and organized.
Pantry shelves

The use of adjustable shelves and wire racks in pantry shelving can provide enough room to store canned goods, dry ingredients, and other pantry essentials. This can help you maximize on vertical space, improve visibility, and make your pantry well-organized, making meal preparation and grocery shopping easier.

Pantry shelves

While it may not relate directly to closets, organizing your pantry is important in keeping your home tidy. You can use pull-out shelves, can dispensers, spice racks, and other storage solutions to create a functional and easily accessible pantry that improves your overall household organization.

Contact us to learn what we can do for your space and work with us to design the perfect storage solutions for your Auburn home.

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Our Auburn customers have shared their positive experiences with Creative Closets. We strive to provide exceptional closet organization solutions that surpass expectations.
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Stewart P

Top quality and professional installation! I highly recommend this company! Exceeded our expectations! Dont hesitate to do business with them. You’ll be glad you did!
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They have been throughly professional and have been super responsive. From design discussion to installation, everything was seamless. Very happy with their work.

Breaking Down Closet Organizers Cost In Auburn

As you prepare for a closet organization project, it’s essential to grasp the associated costs. Creative Closets values transparency and is committed to providing Auburn customers with a comprehensive overview of organizer costs.

This way, you can determine which options work within your budget and organizational requirements, by comprehending the factors contributing to the overall investment.

Closet Type Size Average Price
Walk-in Closet 20’ x 20’ $9,500
Reach-In Closet 8’ Long $2,000
Kids’ Reach-In Closet 8’ Long $2,800
Please note that the table above displays examples of previous closet systems we have installed. However, it’s important to keep in mind that several factors can affect the final cost of your closet organizers in Auburn.
The cost of a closet organizer depends on the size of your actual closet A bigger closet needs more materials, components like shelving and drawers, and more time for installation. A smaller closet will generally cost less. An 8-foot reach-in closet can cost around $2,000 while a bigger walk-in closet can cost up to $10,000.
Closet plans drawing
The cost of your closet organizer will depend on how customized and complex the design is. Creating a customized solution that meets your specific needs may require extra design consultations, special materials, and complex installations, which can increase the cost. The more complex the design is, the more expensive it will be.
Any extra features like jewelry trays, pull-out racks, specialized storage options, and lighting can make your closet more functional and visually appealing. But, keep in mind that these add-ons may increase the total cost of your project. Therefore, it’s necessary to consider the benefits of these additions in terms of your organizational needs relative to their associated costs.
Extra closet accessories for belts
Having your closet organizer professionally installed may increase the overall cost, but it ensures skilled workmanship and a desirable outcome. While DIY options might be cheaper, they may result in lower quality and additional expenses in the future.
Closet installation

If you live in Auburn and are worried about the expense of purchasing new closets, we have a great financing option available. This offer includes 0% interest and requires no down payment. We’ll let you know if you’re eligible for this offer when we come to your home.

first step in the process - design



We’ll schedule an in-home showroom appointment where we can work together on the perfect design.
2nd step in the process - install closets, cabinetry



Our team will come to your home and make sure your closet organizers are installed by the end of the day.
2nd step in the process - enjoy newly installed custom closet



Once everything is set up, you can enjoy a clutter-free home that’s easy to keep organized and maintain.

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Closet Organizers FAQs

You bet! A custom closet organizer has the benefit of providing flexible options for changing your current closet layout. Our team of design experts will collaborate with you, taking into consideration your storage requirements and personal preferences.

Once we have that information, we can suggest changes to the layout, such as adding or removing shelves, adjusting rod heights, incorporating drawers, and making the most of the available space.

To maintain the functionality and appearance of custom closet organizers, follow some simple maintenance practices. Clean them regularly with a soft cloth or vacuum to prevent buildup.

Avoid placing heavy items that surpass the weight capacity of shelves or rods to preserve their structural integrity. Lastly, inspect the system periodically for any loose screws or hardware and tighten them if needed.

Some custom closet organizers are intended to fit your space, they can often be taken apart and reinstalled in a different home if done carefully. Nevertheless, several factors such as design, materials used, and the new closet’s dimensions can affect the feasibility of moving the organizer.

Our team can evaluate the possibility of relocating your custom closet organizer and determine if any modifications or adjustments are necessary for the new area.

Our closet installation service only takes one day instead of multiple days like other installers. This means you’ll have your new closets quickly and won’t have to deal with our team for long.
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Creative closets did an amazing job at designing and installing custom closets for our new home! From beginning to the end it was a flawless process. We now can utilize all the space in our closets and the design was able to double our original storage space. Highly recommend!

We Bring Auburn Closet Organizers At Your Fingertips

Creative Closets is the preferred option for closet organizers among Auburn homeowners. We’re devoted to providing the utmost satisfaction to our customers by delivering top-quality services, paying attention to detail, and maintaining excellence in everything we do. Our aim is to provide you with the ultimate closet organization experience.

With Creative Closets, you:

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