Renton, WA Custom Closets, Garage Storage Systems & More

Are you up to your eyeballs in closet clutter? Probably not literally, but it sure can feel like it sometimes! Having cluttered, chaotic closets can really slow you down in the morning: It can seem like one catastrophe after another when you can’t find the shoes that go with that blouse, or when the skirt that you had planned to wear is a wrinkled mess from being crushed in your overcrowded closet. Chaos in other areas of the house can lead to difficulty with meal-planning, keeping up with laundry and even parking the car safely.

We Have the Storage Solutions You Need

If you’re having trouble getting or staying organized, we have the custom closets in Renton, Washington, and in the surrounding areas, that you need. Our products aren’t limited to the bedroom closets, however! Here’s a sampling of what we can do:

  • Custom Closet Design Your needs are unique, and your storage spaces should be, too. Let us design a totally customized closet that takes your preferences and budget into consideration.

  • Walk-In Closets If you are sharing your master bedroom closet with a partner, normal closet chaos can rapidly turn into a disaster. We can help you arrange and organize your walk-in closet whether it’s meant for one or two people.

  • Kids’ Closets If you have children, you probably have some mayhem behind a closed door in their bedroom! Kids are notorious for not being able to keep up with their closets. Our products for kids' closets are designed in a way that they’ll be eager to use their new storage space.

  • Home Office If you work from home, the you know the importance of good organization in this vital area. We can help you reduce or even eliminate your piles for good and help you boost your efficiency with a custom home office.

  • Kitchen Pantry Have you lost your love of cooking? Regain it with a customized kitchen pantry storage system. Meal-planning and kitchen prep has never been simpler!

  • Laundry Room Most people don’t enjoy doing laundry, and you probably want to get in and out of that space as quickly as possible. With our laundry room organization systems, you will be able to spend less time in the utility room and more doing what you like.

  • Custom Garage Finding it difficult to find a way to park the car? If so, you’re not alone. We can help you organize everything from ceiling to floor in your garage. Store your bikes, tools, garden equipment and more with plenty of room to park your vehicle.

What Are You Waiting For?

Call today to schedule your cost-free, obligation-free consultation. During this appointment, we’ll come to your Renton home to answer your questions, take measurements, talk to you about your storage needs, and design the perfect custom closet for your unique lifestyle. Even better, we’ll show you a 3D rendition of your closet design right in the comfort of your own home! Don’t delay; you have nothing to lose, so contact us today!