Closet Organizers & Custom Closets in Bellevue, WA

Need the help of professional closet organizers in Bellevue, WA? At Creative Closets, our passion for organization goes far beyond your closet. We make organization a lifestyle, giving you the peace of mind that the next time you walk into your closet, garage, kitchen or office you'll be able to find what you're looking for.

No more frantic mornings spent trying to locate that elusive other sock or the pair of earrings you swear you just saw the night before. Quit spending extra money on groceries because you can't find the ketchup bottle in the cluttered pantry. Wouldn't it be nice to have room in your garage to actually park your car? With our custom closet designs and closet organizers in Bellevue, WA, Creative Closets makes organization simple and possible.

Our wide variety of closet organization and design services include:

  • Custom Closets and Design We do not offer prepackaged, off-the-shelf solutions for our customers. Every situation is unique and we approach our closet designs from that perspective. The old saying “There's no place like home” rings loud and true when it comes to customizing your home. Everyone is unique and no one knows your personal taste and style better than you. We work closely with you to design and create the custom closets in Bellevue that you've always dreamed of. When preparing your design, we consider key factors like your budget, the size of your current closet space, your schedule, aesthetic preferences and your current home décor. Our custom closets are built to suit your needs and are unique to your home. No one else will have one quite like yours!

  • Walk-In Closets One of the biggest challenges in closet design is creating and utilizing space within your walk-in closets. They are often the resting place of misplaced clothes, shoes, jewelry and other items. Over time, these things tend to pile up, resulting in a cluttered and unsightly mess. Our walk-in closets are designed to effectively eliminate those problems and provide you with an organized system for maintaining consistent organization. Don't get lost in last year's clothes pile anymore!

  • Wardrobe Closets What better way to express who you are than through your wardrobe? The clothes you wear and the styles you sport speak volumes about the type of person you are. From business suits and evening gowns to workout outfits and casual clothing, having an organized small wardrobe closet will make life much easier. Don't spend hours looking for those matching pants anymore. Find what you need, when you need it and make putting together your wardrobe an enjoyable experience again.

  • Master Closets Big closets present big opportunities for organization, as well as clutter. Master closets are a challenge for most home owners because more often than not, they tend to house everything from old shoes and documents to various miscellaneous items. With so much space available, your master closet is prime real estate for organized and efficient wardrobe management. With our unique and custom design knowledge and skills, we'll take your closet from disaster to master in no time.

  • Kids Closets It's a parent's dream to watch their children grow up and become adults. However, as your children grow, so do their wardrobe and the need for an organized closet. Our storage organizers are designed with growth in mind. As your children turn from toddlers to teens, our kids closets grow with them. Make it easy for your kids to stay organized and turn your investment into a future of less clutter and mayhem in your children's bedroom.

Closet organization is not only a necessity for an organized home, but also for an organized life. Your first step towards less stress and improved efficiency is with us in the Bellevue Area. Call us today and arrange for your FREE custom closet consultation!