Auburn, WA Fully-Adjustable Custom Kids' Closets

If your children’s closets frustrate you, you’re not alone. Many kids have trouble keeping their bedrooms and closets in good condition. Part of it is that they still lack essential organization skills. Another part is that often the closet organizers in their rooms simply aren’t built for their small statures and short attention spans. At Creative Closets in Auburn, WA, we are committed to helping even the littlest members of your family take control of their belongings and banish clutter from their closets.

We Can Help You Get Your Kids' Closets Organized!

You’ve probably tried a lot of great (and not-so-great) strategies to get your kids organized: checklists, incentive charts, nagging, threats. All of it might work temporarily, but if your children don’t have the tools they need to get and keep their rooms under control, then it’s a losing battle. That’s where we come in. We have the products and expertise necessary to build your child a closet that will appeal to the younger set. Here are some examples of what we can do:

  • Plenty of space for their treasures.

    Kids come with a lot of stuff, and a lot of that stuff might look like trash to adults. Kid-meal toys, dolls with their hair cut off, and ratty sweatshirts that you would simply love to throw away are actually treasures to our children. Give them the space that they need to store these items without making you crazy. Our kids’ closets make optimal use of every inch of space. From drawers to accessories, we have tricks up our sleeves that will help your child find room for just about anything.

  • Kid-friendly appeal.

    What you find attractive and easy to use can be very different from what your child finds appealing. From kid-friendly colors to nifty drawers, hooks on the wall and cute baskets and bins, we know what kids like. Small organizers can make it easier for small hands to put away items. Hooks on the wall can make it simpler to get kids to hang up their jackets. Clothing rods hung at an appropriate height for the shorter set can go a long way in helping kids to keep their clothes hung up.

  • Appropriate for toddlers, school-aged kids and teens.

    One of the best things about our custom closets is that they grow along with your child. Your toddler’s needs will change as she grows, but even when she’s a teenager, her storage space will still work. Talk to us about how your child’s closet can be changed as the years go by.

Free Kids’ Closet Consultation in Auburn, WA

If you are looking for kids’ closets in Auburn, Washington, or the surrounding areas, you’re in luck. Creative Closets is offering free consultations for all types of closet systems in your neighborhood. Give us a call to schedule this cost- and obligation-free appointment, and we’ll meet with you to show you the difference that kids’ closets can make in your home.