Top Five Ways to Get Your Custom Closets

May 05, 2022
Custom Walk In Closet

Top Five Ways to Get Your Custom Closets (and Make Your Man Think It Was All His Idea)

So, you’ve decided that you need to have custom closets, but your husband remains unconvinced. You probably don’t find this surprising, considering that he deals with clothing by either throwing them in the general vicinity of the hamper if they’re dirty, and living out of a clothesbasket if they’re clean. It looks like you have a bit of work to do to get what you want. Some may call it manipulation, but savvy wives know that it’s really just giving him the help he needs to make a good decision. Here are a few ideas to try, ranging from mild suggestion to hardcore head games.

1. Subtle hints

If your man is pretty astute (or if you have him well-trained), you might get by with gentle hinting around. Mention your best friend’s new custom closets, or talk about how much easier your housework would be if your storage spaces were better organized. With any luck, he’ll pick up on this and will think that buying a closet organization system is his idea. Let him think this; men like to feel smart and chivalrous.

2. Sulk

Yeah, it’s immature, but who cares? Give him a bit of a pout and the cold shoulder if he says no to new closets. Chances are, he’ll get sick of it pretty quickly and will give in.

3. Trip him up with guilt

Let him know in no uncertain terms that your life would be better if he were better at providing you with what you need, and that one of those needs is a well-organized closet. How can he expect you to be happy in mayhem?

4. Seduction

Come on ladies, you know what it takes to get a “yes” out of your man. Ask him in the heat of the moment, and he won’t even have the brain capacity to say no.

5. Withhold sex

It’s the opposite of #4, and it works. This loses its potency if used too often, so save this tried-and-true method of getting you want for true emergencies. Let him know that the pleasure factory is closed until he gives in. Within a couple of weeks, you’ll have your closets.

Controlling your storage dilemmas is your job as the woman of the house, and providing you with the tools you need to do so is your husband’s job. Resort to whatever means are necessary in order to help him get his job done; once your clothing, sports equipment and other items are under control, he’ll be thanking you!

How do you convince your man to give in when it comes time to open his wallet? Share your best tips with our readers!
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