Top Five Ideas to Get Your Kids’ Closets Organized

May 05, 2022

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Kids and closet clutter seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way! There are simple things that you can do right now, with things that you probably have laying around the house, to boost the organization of your children’s closets. Read on for the top five ideas for getting your kids’ closets organized:

1. Hang an extra clothing rod

Okay, you might not have this laying around your home, but a tension rod is inexpensive and quick to install. If your child is under five feet tall, she might not be able to reach the rod that’s currently there. If you can’t move it down, simply place a new rod a couple of feet below the first one, and let her hang everything up herself. This works because in general, shorter kids have shorter clothes, so nothing will be dragging on the floor.

2. Supply shoe storage

If your child has more than a few pairs of shoes, chances are great that they’re strewn all over his closet floor. Then over the course of a few days, he’ll drop some items on the floor, step on some of the shoes, and before long, he has utter chaos in the morning when it’s time to get his shoes on. Get a shoe rack that goes over the closet door or hangs from the clothing rod, and voila, shoe shambles are a thing of the past.

3. Move the dresser into the closet

If your child’s closet has room for the dresser, then move it in! This accomplishes a few things: It keeps all of the clothing in one place, it opens up some of the bedroom for other items, and it takes up some of the room in the closet that might otherwise become littered with debris. Win, win, win!

4. Make friends with clear plastic bins

If your daughter, in particular, has a lot of hair accessories, little purses, jewelry and other assorted badges of girliness, clear plastic bins can save everyone a lot of grief. Label each bin with what should go inside, and let her do the rest. Even better, hand her the label-maker and be amazed at how organized her hair bows and headbands suddenly become!

5. Hang hooks with abandon. Kids will make great use of hooks hanging on the wall

They’re so handy, and able to hold purses, hats, boas, belts, hoodies, and so much more. Use the self-adhesive kind, or go ahead and install them with screws if you’re really committed. Just let your child know ahead of time what the weight limits are. You don’t want him hanging his stuffed-to-the-gills backpack from a hook that can only hold a couple of pounds!

Taking a weekend to go through your child’s closet and implement some of these ideas will improve her overall organization strategy, and will make your mornings a lot less stressful! Give some or all of them a try and see what works in your family when it comes to keeping the kids’ closets organized!
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