Seven Tips for Designing the Ultimate Zen Workspace at Home

May 05, 2022
Custom Home Office System

There are many benefits of working from home, including having the ability to design your own workspace. Creating your own home office is a rewarding experience when done effectively. You deserve to work in a space that allows you to feel calm and peaceful, and you have the power to create it.

Here are seven effective ways to give your home office that Zen vibration:
  • Clean and Organize Your Space
  • Personalize Your Work Area
  • Choose Soothing Colors
  • Purify the Air With Plants
  • Turn on Soft Music
  • Utilize Natural Lighting
  • Invest in a Comfortable Chair
Read on to learn how to make your home office overflow with serenity.

Clean and Organize Your Space

One thing is for certain, nothing creates more stress in your work environment than having clutter strewn about. If your home office doesn’t have its own special room, this can be a bit tricky. If needed, before your day begins, pick up and clean the area surrounding your home office.

Next, focus on your desk. Papers shouldn’t be stacked up and your work surface should be relatively cleared off. notes that the only papers on your desk should be related to what you are working on at the moment, and the others should be sorted, organized, and filed away for later use.

Custom Home Office System

Personalize Your Work Area

Now that you have cleared things off, it is time to personalize your space. Focus on adding small items that are meaningful and make you feel glad to be working from home. Some ideas include inspiring artwork, a cozy rug underneath your feet, a strategically-placed scented candle, or pictures of your loved ones. Having a tabletop fountain trickling nearby offers the ultimate Zen experience.

Choose Soothing Colors

Think about the power of color when you select different hues for your home office. Colors tend to be very personal in nature, in that people have very strong feelings about which colors they prefer. Go with what colors are your favorites, keeping the following in mind. If your goal is to have a soothing and peaceful vibe, use soft whites, pale blues, and greys. Colors like yellow and red are stimulating, and aren’t generally associated with calm and peacefulness.

Plants on a Desk

Purify the Air With Plants

Not only do plants add color and beauty to a home office, but they also bring in moisture and help clean indoor air. Although fake plants can be pretty too, they pale in comparison to the real thing. Real plants literally will breathe new life into your space. If you don’t want to worry about watering plants, Real recommends placing a few succulents around. Adding a bit of green to your space is sure to freshen things up a bit!

Turn on the Music

The benefits of music are indisputable. Depending on the song you have chosen, music can be calming, rejuvenating, and mentally stimulating. It is a good idea to experiment to see what types of music get you into “the zone” most effectively.


If you are focusing on a creative project, select something soothing such as Enya. If you are performing a mindless task like filing, choose a tune that will pick you up. Above all, no matter what you choose, the music should make you feel good.

Lamp on a Desk

Utilize Natural Lighting

Having adequate lighting in your office area is critical. A small desk lamp can help you accomplish this. If there is any way possible, position your desk in a spot where you can take advantage of as much natural light as you can. Healthline explains that sunlight helps to discourage “seasonal depression”, optimizes quality of sleep, and benefits your body’s natural Vitamin D intake. To maximize natural light within your home office space, try hanging a mirror, which will reflect sunlight within the room.

Invest in a Comfortable Chair

You are going to be spending a lot of time sitting at your desk. Because of this, you deserve to have an office chair that is as comfortable as possible. The temptation is to just use any old dining room chair that you have sitting around your house. However, you will find that it really pays off to invest in a chair that adequately supports your back and has a comfortable cushion. Buy one that also matches the aesthetics of your home office space and your all set.


Designing the ultimate Zen workspace for your home office is an instinctual process. You must begin with a clean slate, by clearing and organizing. Next, think about what elements make you feel at ease in your life, and add them to your space. Utilize color, natural light, and soft music. By making your work area as peaceful and enjoyable as possible, your mood and workload will feel lifted as a result.



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