May 10 is Clean Your Room Day

Tidy Bedroom

Did you know that May 10 is Clean Your Room Day? Most homeowners probably didn’t realize that the day had a special task. If you have a room that is giving you a headache due to being disorganized, you can (and should) clean it at any time of year. While each room contains different types of items, the process for getting a room in order is basically the same no matter where in the home it is.

Here are some tips on getting the process started:

Gather three receptacles:

One should be a garbage bag for items that need to go in the trash, and two should be boxes or baskets. One will be labeled, “put away,” and one will be labeled, “give away.” As you pick up items that do not belong in the room, you will be using these bins. The “put away” basket is for items that go in other rooms; this will eliminate your running back and forth across the house as you put stray items back one at a time.

Work your way around the perimeter of the room, picking up all of the clutter

Remember, you’re not to leave the room with anything. If you see an item that belongs elsewhere, put it in the appropriate container. If the item does belong in the current room, then put it where it belongs. Go through each drawer, cubby and cabinet that you encounter. At this time, you’re just decluttering, not dusting or cleaning any surfaces. After you make your way around the perimeter of the room, continue with anything left in the center of the room and use the same process.Cleaning Supplies

Now gather up your cleaning supplies

It helps to have an apron or caddy that holds dusting rags and whatever surface cleaners that you need in that particular room. Remember to use a different rag with each cleaner so that you don’t unwittingly mix dangerous chemicals. Once again, go around the perimeter of the room, cleaning each surface that you run into, then move into the center of the room and do the same.

Run the vacuum or sweep and mop the floor

Do this last so that the dust from the higher surfaces will have had time to fall onto the floor to get cleaned up.

Come up with an organization plan to help you keep the room in order

You may want to consider having custom closets installed in the room to give you extra storage space. Remember, custom closets are not only for the bedrooms: Your local closet organization company can show you how an organization unit in the living room, home office, kitchen or guest area can go a long way in keeping you clutter- and chaos-free!

You don’t have to accomplish all of the steps in one day. If you can declutter over the course of one weekend and clean one night during the week, then you’ll be able to enjoy your newly organized room by the next weekend! Using this same process in each room of your home will have your house in great order and ready for your next get-together.