May 04, 2022

Are you trying to put too much in your custom closet? While custom closets can allow you to store a lot more than you had previously been able to, you can’t throw in everything but the kitchen sink!

Overcrowding your custom closet puts you at risk for ending up with the same type of chaos that originally prompted you to call in the professionals in the first place.
If you’re thinking that you might be headed toward the same messy fate, check out Better Homes and Gardens’ Closet Capacity Calculator. This tool will give you a good idea as to whether a bit of organization will help you with your chaotic closet, or whether you need to look for an additional storage solution in your home.
If you don’t yet have custom closets, our professionals will be able to help. We specialize in designing and installing high-quality closets for busy people just like you, who don’t have time to deal with closet confusion. Call us today to find out more.


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