Guest Room Essentials

Guest Room Essentials

Welcoming guests, whether for the holidays or any time of year, is always fun. Being prepared, however, can be a challenge. Take away the stress & enjoy more time with your loved ones by giving your guest room a little TLC with the help of a few home organization tips.

Create the most welcoming atmosphere imaginable with the following guest room essentials.

Bathroom Basics

Fill a pretty wicker or woven basket with all the necessary toiletries a guest will need during their stay, suggests Real Simple. You can pick up travel sizes of these products on your next trip to the store. Then you’ll be prepared to welcome your guests with a bedside basket of necessities. Add a festive bow and some fresh greenery or pine cones to dress it up for the holiday season. 

  • New toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Shampoo/conditioner
  • Body wash
  • Saline solution
  • Anti-bacterial wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hand/body lotion

Creature Comforts

Make sure that your guests feel warm & cozy by providing them with a few creature comforts, including:

  • Cozy blankets
  • Flannel sheets
  • Seasonal scented candles
  • Clean fluffy towels
  • Clean fluffy washcloths
  • Box of tissues

A Fresh Face

Better Homes & Gardens suggests giving your guest room a fresh new look by “hanging new curtains, adding a plush area rug, and bringing in comfy seating” as part of the preparation process. Some other refreshers could include: 

  • New sheets
  • New towels/washcloths
  • New pillows
  • New comforter
  • Fresh flowers 

A freshened-up guest room will make your guests feel welcome and well-loved.


Sips & Snacks

Who doesn’t get a little hungry for a snack right before bed? Let your guests know you care by providing a small tray of beverages and snacks for them to enjoy. Put out a sampling of these treats and your guests will thank you in the morning!

  • Bottled water
  • Non-perishable juices like pineapple, apple, and cranapple
  • Fresh fruit like bananas, oranges, apples, & pears
  • Granola or fruit bars
  • Small pre-wrapped packages of nuts or chips 

Lights & Wifi

If you retire early and your guests are readers or Netflix watchers, make sure they have adequate lighting to read by and access to your wifi and password. Here’s a checklist of items to have on the nightstand or dresser:

  • Reading light or other bedside lighting
  • A card with the name of your Wifi and password
  • Extra USB charging port and cord

A Comfortable (Murphy) Bed

You might not have thought it before, but a Murphy bed is the ultimate in comfort & convenience. It can transform any room in your home into a temporary guest room. So, whether you entertain overnight guests a few times a month or a few times a year, your “guest” room isn’t simply wasted space in your home until guests arrive. 

With its efficient use of space, a Murphy Bed allows you to fully utilize all of your home’s living space on a daily basis, yet provide a comfortable, stylish bed at a moment’s notice to welcome your family and friends.

Transform your:

  • Living Room
  • Playroom
  • Home Office
  • Exercise Area

Investing in a Murphy bed comes with several benefits, mainly more living space for you to utilize all year round.

Extra Credit

What’s the one thing you wish you had the last time you went on vacation or stayed at someone’s home? What would put your stay over the top or just put a smile on your face that someone was so thoughtful? Surprise your guests with that extra touch of kindness. Whether it’s a mini-box of chocolates, a single indulgent truffle, or a handwritten note, your guests will be grateful that you went the extra mile with:

  • A small tabletop mirror for hair and makeup checks if a large one is not in the room
  • A small desktop fan can provide cooling as well as ambient noise to help your guests get a good night sleep
  • Bedtime reading: A favorite book of stories or some classic magazines make for some light reading to relax and wind down before bed
  • Homemade cookies or baked goods wrapped up in a small gift tin
  • Mini holiday-scented soaps and lotions

Whatever thoughtful little touches you provide, you can be sure your guests will feel loved and remember their stay at your home as a particularly enjoyable experience!


Following these simple tips will make welcoming guests into your home for the holidays a more enjoyable experience! Add a box of chocolates, some fresh towels, festive linens, and voila! Let go of stress and enjoy the company of family and friends all year round.