Garage Update Ideas

Garage Update Ideas
Believe it or not, your custom garage is not just for your car. Have you ever wondered where you can store your tools, crafts, and sports equipment? With the right mindset (and tools), your garage could house all things that make you unique.

Many people are turning to their garages for work and play. If you’re a guy, a garage update could lead to your next great escape. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax or work on your next project, these 10 update Ideas will transform your garage into a space that says, “Welcome Home!”

  • Install a Pallet
  • Upgrade to LED Lighting
  • Use Sheet Metal for More Storage
  • Add a New Paint Job
  • Keep The Outside Area Nice & Tidy
  • Insulation
  • Add a Remote to Your Garage Door Opener
  • Add Extra Electricity
  • Add a Mini Mudroom
  • Heat and Cool Your Garage
Be prepared to become an expert with updating your garage below. Stay tuned!

Install a Pallet

As a homeowner, you can’t leave your tools to chance. The garage is one of the most popular places to store tools because it keeps your collection safe and out of the way. No doubt, you’ve already explored the best ways to organize tools in your garage.

Now, what to do with all those fun but clunky garden tools? You can easily turn a wooden pallet into a garden-tool rack by attaching the right slats and anchor bolts. Pallets are easy to set up and break down, so you don’t have to waste time with assembly.

Wooden Pallet

Upgrade to LED Lighting

Say goodbye to your dark, cluttered garage with LED lighting. With LED lights, you won’t need to lift the garage door to work on projects or find what you need.


According to The Spruce, there are a number of long-lasting and cost-effective LED Lights perfect for your garage’s next update. Whether you’re interested in wraparound or motion-activated fixtures, the right lights will transform how you move about your garage. Be sure to plan your layout well in advance before purchasing or installing your new fixtures. 

Use Sheet Metal for More Storage

There are many ways to store large tools, but what about those small, easily misplaced items you need on hand? Consider installing sheet metal to use as a magnet board to store smaller items, such as scissors, keys, and hooks.


Feel free to get creative! Adding decorative and/or homemade magnets to your board is a great way to personalize your garage and workstation. You could even add a small message board for reminders and daily words of inspiration.

Paint Job

Be honest, garages aren’t known for their warm and welcoming atmosphere. Lucky for you, a new paint job can transform the way your garage looks and feels. While a new paint job may not sound like the most exciting way to spend your time, your garage (and guests) will thank you. Before you begin, you’ll want to decide on the perfect coating system for your project.

Wall Paint

Keep The Outside Area Nice & Tidy

The inside of your garage may be for your eyes only, but the outside is still visible to neighbors and potential buyers. Make sure your garage door and the area surrounding it are in good shape. Consider re-painting or repairing the door or driveway if need be. You’ll also want to make sure the outside area is free of clutter. This will help keep your garage looking as good as new!


Now more than ever you’ll want to ensure that your garage is properly insulated. Insulation helps control heat flow in and out of your garage. If you’re not careful, the wrong amount of heat can damage your personal valuables.


Remember that insulation costs will vary based on the size of your garage and the type of insulation you choose. Most insulations are very cost-effective, but you might want to consider hiring a professional if your garage requires more complex insulation materials.

Add a Remote to Your Garage Door Opener

Can you only open your garage door by pushing a button on the wall? Are you struggling with your current garage door remote? After a long day, the last thing you want to do is worry about how you’re going to park your car in the garage.

A garage door remote can reduce stress and help you get in and out of your garage with ease. You can add a wireless remote to just about any old garage door opener. These remotes are easy to install and accomplish the same task as the button on the wall.

Garage Door

Add Extra Electricity

While updating your garage, you may find that you’ll need more electricity. Most garages only have one or two outlets installed. But realistically, you’ll need more to fully update this space. And though this task may take some time and perhaps re-wiring, the results are worth it!

Add a Mini-Mudroom

Adding a mini-mudroom to your garage will help maximize space and reduce clutter in your home. Use it to hang wet and/or muddy coats and shoes. Simple hooks and boot trays placed near the entrance will do the trick as well! Be sure to include mats and a small seating area if possible.

Heat and Cool Your Garage

As mentioned, you’ll need to regulate your garage’s temperature to avoid permanent property damage. Even with proper insulation, your garage can still suffer from extreme temperature changes.

Consider installing portable heating and cooling units to regulate the temperature. These units are easy to install and store. Just plug them in on the days you need extra air or heat, then unplug when temperatures have returned to normal.


While you may not spend as much time in your garage as you do in your home, your garage should be a clean and welcoming space. After all, it’s the first place you see after a long & busy day. And with these simple updates, it may become one of the most welcoming places in your home.