Chore List for July

Do you have a to-do list a mile long, filled with tasks that you’d like to accomplish this summer? Summer seems like a great time to get things done; the weather is warm, and the sun shines into the night, allowing you more daylight hours. …

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Best Tips For Productivity In Your Home Office

  Whether you see your ‘home office’ as a blessing or a curse, one thing’s for sure; your mood and your productivity will be affected by how it is set up. Just as a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind, a disorganized home office may …

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Bathroom Organization Tips

The bathroom, particularly the master bedroom, is often the room in the house that is the most neglected. Oh, you keep your bathrooms clean and sanitary, of course, but are they truly organized? Here’s a quick test: If you need a bandage, do you have …

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Back To School Organization Tips

Getting Organized for Back to School It’s that time of year again: Yellow buses are on the road, school supplies are on sale, and backpack-clad kids can be seen out and about early in the morning. That’s right, school’s in session once again. Moms and …

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How to Properly Arrange The Clothes in Your Closet

  As you know, a messy custom closet leads to rushed mornings, being late to special events, and unwanted stress. Learning how to properly arrange the clothes in your closet is the first step in turning a mess into a success.   All you need to do …

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Are You Storing Your Clothes Correctly?

For many homeowners, the point of getting custom closets installed is to keep their clothes in excellent order, saving them time and money in the long run. Here are tips on storing your clothing correctly so that they will look great for seasons to come: Use the …

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Add Some Color to Your Closet

Color speaks to us, and different shades and hues tend to have different impacts on our moods and the way we feel. For example, cool shades like blues and greens can be relaxing, while warm shades like reds and yellows are invigorating to many of …

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Accessories Ideas for a Custom Closet

When you picture a closet, you most likely envision neat rows of clothing hung on clothing rods. Maybe you imagine boxes stacked on an overhead shelf and if you look down, rows of shoes. When you trust Creative Closets, premier closet organizers in Bellevue, to design, build …

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8 Tips for Organizing Tools in Your Garage

  If you’re like a lot of homeowners, you’ve invested a significant chunk of money in your tools. After all the time and expense of building your collection, why would you leave it scattered haphazardly throughout your garage?   See how to create a custom garage storage …

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