Accessories Ideas for a Custom Closet

Pull Out Closet Shelf
When you picture a closet, you most likely envision neat rows of clothing hung on clothing rods. Maybe you imagine boxes stacked on an overhead shelf and if you look down, rows of shoes. When you trust Creative Closets, premier closet organizers in Bellevue, to design, build and install your custom closet, however, you get that and so much more! Take a look at this list of home office options that you might consider for your own custom closet:

Places to keep your shoes

Sandals, sneakers, stilettos and slippers underfoot can lead not only to crushed footwear, but also tripping and potential injury to you! Keep your shoes under control with a shoe rack. We offer several different types, including cubby shoe racks and slanted shoe racks. Whether you have a dozen pairs or a hundred, we’ll make sure you have the right amount of space to keep them corralled.

Accessories to hold your accessories

If you wear ties, belts, jewelry and other type of accessories, it’s convenient to store these items right in your closet. We offer a variety of racks, hooks and trays for these items. For example, ties and belts are neatly stored on dedicated racks; no more having these slip to the floor. A lined jewelry tray will keep your valuables safe, and hooks of different sizes can contain any other accessories you like to include with your ensemble.

Hidden storage

Your closet is the ideal place to store a fireproof safe containing important documents and small valuables. Your Creative Closets professional can build a special cabinet to hide your safe or anything else you don’t want easily accessed by others.

Fold-out convenience items

Have you ever considered placing your ironing board in your closet? You might think you don’t have room, but one that folds down from the wall only takes up a few inches past the wall. A mirror is handy for checking your outfit one last time and it can be safely stowed away when it’s not being used. We can even install a tilt-out hamper in your closet to help keep your laundry room neater!