Murphy Beds - The Space Saving Wall Bed!

Have you ever wanted to host overnight company on short notice? It can be an uncomfortable experience for everyone involved if the only place you have to accommodate guests is on a lumpy pull-out sofa or air mattresses on the floor. With a Murphy bed from Creative Closets, you’ll have a soft, comfortable place for overnight visitors to land, even if you don’t have a dedicated guest room.

Our space-saving beds are great for a variety of situations, and they can be installed in just about any room in your house. If you have just a few feet of extra room in your playroom, den or home office, one of our wall beds will fit perfectly. They sit against the wall and add extra storage to a room by day, and fold down to a large bed by night.

Murphy Beds for Your Guests’ Comfort | Seattle, Bellevue & Kent area

Even if you don’t often have out-of-town guests, you may be surprised at the number of times that your wall bed gets put to use. Once you have a place for visitors to stay overnight, you’re more likely to extend the invitation. In addition to your friends and family members who live several hours (or more) away, you might use your Murphy bed for:

  • Your kids’ friends who have outgrown wanting to crash in a sleeping bag on your child’s bedroom floor.

  • College students who are home for that last summer after graduation; with a wall bed, you can turn his or her room into a home office or hobby room without guilt.

  • Foreign exchange students, couchsurfers or world travelers. Many young people from other countries look for host families for short- or long-term program, and you could be in the position to offer up your extra room bed for a few weeks or months.

  • Friends who are too tired to drive home after a late-night visit or party at your home.

  • Out-of-town visitors to your place of worship or volunteer organization. Some churches and other organizations invite special guests who would appreciate personal accommodation.

The options are nearly endless!

If you are considering having a Murphy bed installed in your home, we can come measure your space and make recommendations for the size and type that would be best for you. Now servicing Seattle, Bellevue, Kent and surrounding areas in Washington.

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