How To Get Your Kids To Co-operate In Keeping Their Closet Organized

“They grow up all too fast” is the cliche we all can’t help but chant. However, what we may not realize as a new parent is that all those adorable onesies and munchkin outfits will suddenly morph into an overflowing closet bulging with stained clothing, odd socks, amateur artworks and an armor of toys in need of new batteries.

Why Good Organization is So Important For Success in Seatte, WA

So what makes some people more successful than others, besides circumstances of luck? The truth is, it involves the cultivation of certain habits. Learning about these habits and using them in your own life is a worthwhile pursuit, particularly if you wish to experience success in your endeavors.

What Women Want Most in a Custom Closet in Seattle, WA

When it comes to what design features women want in a custom closet, there are just so many thoughtful and innovative options available in closet design today that it can invoke a very diverse response. So much so that it can be quite the challenge to narrow down only a small selection of features that appeals to the majority of women.

Designing The Ideal Man Closet In Seattle, WA

You have all heard of the ‘Man Cave’. But did you know there is also such a thing as a ‘Man Closet’? There is so much attention being given to closets for women that men can often be left out as an afterthought when it comes to closet design. With all the talk surrounding Man Caves, one might be forgiven for thinking that it’s the only space in the home that men can call their own. However, that’s simply not true. Men also have bedrooms, bathrooms, offices AND closets they live from.

Top 3 Ways to be More Productive in Your Home Office by Reducing Distractions

If you work from home, you probably know all about distraction. Whether it’s your toddler, your dog, a mail delivery person or the buzzer on your dryer, having a home office means balancing the needs of your home with the needs of your business. Depending on the type of work you do and how many hours you need to do it, distraction can lead to the type of non-productivity that can eventually lead to a loss of pay... or even the loss of a job! Reducing these distractions can help you get your work done more quickly so you can get out of the office and spend your time doing things you love.